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Recruitment Technology at PeopleScout

Recruitment Technology at PeopleScout Last week on the blog, we talked about seven technology trends impacting the talent acquisition industry. To learn more about those trends, download our ebook: Seven Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Landscape. Here at PeopleScout, we’re committed to technology and innovation because it gives us new ways to set our clients up [...]

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7 Tech Trends Recruiters Should Watch

7 Tech Trends Recruiters Should Watch The shifting technology landscape can seem overwhelming, but new developments happening everyday are taking over the recruiting industry one step at a time. Smart companies need to stay on top of the trends and make changes at the right time. Here’s seven we’re watching. 1. Artificial intelligence Artificial [...]

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Dissecting the March Jobs Report

Dissecting the March Jobs Report The Labor Department released its March jobs report with lower than expected job-growth numbers. Economists are debating what those numbers mean. Here’s what we know. The numbers 98,000: The economy added 98,000 jobs 4.5 percent: The jobless rate fell to 4.5 percent 2.7 percent: Wages went up 2.7 percent [...]

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