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What is Higher Insights™?

Higher Insights™ is a business intelligence reporting service by PeopleScout, one of the largest global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers. Higher Insights™ provides powerful analysis of program-specific data and metrics at a customized frequency and cadence aligned with our clients’ overall business objectives.

Higher Insights™ Business Intelligence – Key Features

COMPLETE PLATFORM: Deliverable via a single-integrated platform, allowing for great user experience and trust governance.

MAPPING: Put dynamic maps onto any report or dashboard and merge spatial data with traditional business intelligence data.

COLLABORATIVE BI: Visibility of data allows for collaborative engagement, actions and sharing.

MOBILE BI: Mobile business intelligence app – view your data anywhere, near real-time.

DASHBOARDS: Combines all the data we need to monitor recruitment performance.

DATA DISCOVERY: Advanced filtering allows us to explore and analyze your data.

DATA VISUALIZATION: Enables us to present and explore data with powerful visualizations.

STORYBOARD: Use data to tell compelling stories and communicate insights effectively.


Sample Reports


Case Studies

Due to teams of specialized recruitment experts, a robust RPO technology portfolio and a best-in-class service model, PeopleScout consistently yields powerful results for its clients. Read our case studies to learn more about PeopleScout’s unique approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. These studies illustrate the unique value add that the Higher Insights™ solution offers. Click here to read all of our case studies.

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