Your 2018 Field Guide to HR Compliance

What’s at stake in HR compliance in 2018?

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This webinar will cover the most critical issues you need to know to reduce your risk in 2018. You’ll get more information on the following topics:

  • Paid Sick Leave

  • Ban the Box

  • Medical & Recreational Marijuana

  • Pay Equity & Salary History Bans

  • Predictive Scheduling

  • Sexual Harassment & Anti-Discrimination

  • Arbitration Agreements with Class-Action Waivers

The patchwork of compliance laws across the U.S. is complicated and constantly changing. That, combined with increased employment class-action litigation, leaves employers facing extraordinary risk.

Failing to keep up with this rapidly changing landscape can lead to catastrophic consequences. The top 10 settlements in various employment-related class-action cases totaled $2.72 billion in 2017, an increase of over $970 million from 2016. Similarly, the top 10 government enforcement actions settled for $485.25 million in 2017, up drastically from $52.3 million in 2016.

Join Senior Corporate Counsel Kasper Sorensen of TrueBlue to learn what to look out for and how you might have to pivot this year to remain compliant.

Kasper Sorensen

Kasper Sorensen is the senior corporate counsel for TrueBlue’s compliance department. He focuses on national and international risk mitigation and minimization. He regularly partners with the executive leadership team and advises the operations department on new legal developments and potential impacts on the company. Sorensen has been an attorney for over a decade. Prior to joining TrueBlue, he represented employers in class-action lawsuits and regularly counseled clients on labor and employment matters.