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Employment Branding – How an RPO Provider’s Understanding of Your Brand Can Generate Success

Reputation is everything. Times have changed, and with the overwhelming rise of social media and near-instant web searches, the face of companies have changed to keep up, resulting in carefully planned branding guidelines.

Conscientious companies apply their branding guidelines to career portals and job descriptions as well, often leading to success in markets that compete for the best talent. In this sense, employment branding becomes the basis for attracting the best candidates and gaining an edge over competitors.

The best RPO providers are aware that understanding your employment branding is important in more ways than one. Ideally, an RPO provider will also work to take your branding to the next level, as it is the branding that will attract the best talent that you need to succeed. Everything from social media posts to email campaigns should not only just carry the brand, but also use the brand as leverage to give potential applicants a compelling reason to click the link and apply to you. The brand should engage the mind and create a sense of urgency or excitement about applying. By default, RPO providers will use the employment branding, and top-notch RPO services will also augment the employment brand to exploit the brand’s ability to bring in the best talent.

But how will your RPO provider improve your brand without changing the face of your company? The first step is to realize that employment branding is an extension of the company’s overall branding guidelines and not its center. Your RPO provider should use your existing fonts, logos, taglines, and overall vision to craft a potent message for working FOR your company, not for becoming a client or a patron of your company. Since the audience for employment branding is different (candidates vs. clients), there is a little leeway available that your RPO provider can use to compete for the best candidates.

However, RPO providers must be careful. RPO providers should entrench themselves in the company brand for the most effective candidate experience, or else risk damaging your reputation, or worse. If the RPO provider must augment the employment brand, it should set clear expectations and provide a clear message that is fully aligned with the company’s vision, or retention rates could drop. New hires may feel as if they were deceived or are unsure about what they signed up for. Thus, the goals and ideals of your company should lay the groundwork for the RPO provider’s communication that your company is the best in the industry to work for. Any RPO provider who promises to partner with you will research and fully understand your brand before diving into the pool of potential candidates who can take you to the next level. It’s all about the brand, after all!

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