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Avoiding 90-Day Turnover

When employees abandon ship, organizations face high costs and decreased morale. Career paths may change naturally, but when new employees unexpectedly leave, the onboarding and training costs are wasted, creating a large financial drain. Thus, those organizations which nurture a new hire’s first 90 days of employment will find themselves with lower turnover rates–which translates to happier employees, happier clients, and, consequently, higher profits.

The first 90 days of employment are particularly vulnerable to turnover, but organizations should be wary of this vulnerability for even longer. Up to the first 18 months, the new employee has not yet created a bond with the organization and is still analyzing if the company is the right fit. Amid this quiet debate, however, potential is greatest to instill trust in company leaders and solidify a strong bond with the organization. Simply put, common causes of high 90-day turnover are a bad impression of senior leaders and a broken recruitment process, but no two organizations are the same, and causes for turnover often vary.

To begin, organizations can audit traditional practices in order to better analyze the source of the problem. Then, they should look to talent acquisition experts to find innovative solutions that match the organization’s values. Organizations with strong values often face less turnover overall, and organizations who use their senior leaders as a mouthpiece for their strong values will see their 90-day turnover rate drop dramatically. Since it is likely that employees will feel unmotivated toward someone who they do not trust or respect, trust in senior leaders provides the most significant impact on overall employee engagement and retention.

Additionally, from a recruitment standpoint, 90-day turnover can be avoided with an extended onboarding period that is transparent about development opportunities and chances for challenging, meaningful work. In addition to a positive impression of senior leadership, empowerment is key to beginning a long-term relationship between you and your employees. Social engagement and advancement opportunities are two commonly overlooked tools that can stimulate this empowerment. Remember that employees are people. Those organizations that respect and encourage employee success will find themselves with healthier, happier employees who are reluctant to leave an environment that nourishes them.

Keeping employees on-board is crucial to an organization’s success. Even when the causes of turnover are not clear, enhancing recruitment and retention strategies are worth the effort. Organizations are only as strong as their weakest employee bond, and these first 90 days of employment provide the greatest potential for a long-term job well done.

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