Paging All Doctors: Effective Physician Recruiting Strategies and Tactics

Paging All Doctors: Effective Physician Recruiting Strategies and Tactics The Association of American Medical Colleges has projected that by 2030 there will be a shortage of between 42,600 and 121,300 physicians. This shortage will include both primary and specialty care physicians. Despite the looming shortage, hospitals and healthcare systems are increasingly [...]

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Lexicon Download Thank You Page

Success! Thank you for your interest in PeopleScout's Healthcare Recruitment Lexicon ebook and we hope you find the information valuable. You can access the ebook by clicking below. Download Now

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Healthcare Recruiting Lexicon

Healthcare Recruiting Lexicon Hiring the right candidates is critical for any healthcare organization looking to stay ahead of the challenges facing the healthcare industry. However, the terminology and processes involved in the world of healthcare recruiting and talent acquisition can seem daunting. Below, we provide a healthcare recruiting reference glossary to help [...]

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Your Field Guide for Navigating the Compliance Landscape – Video

Your 2018 Field Guide to Compliance If you have questions in follow up to the webinar, please email HR Compliance Trends in 2018 eBook Download our companion ebook HR Compliance Trends in 2018 to learn more about the trends discussed in this webinar, among others. [...]

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Global Unemployment Report – Q2 2017 Because most large companies have locations worldwide, the need to quickly access international employment levels and trends has never been greater. Worldwide employment rates vary greatly, so this information is vital for predicting high-potential locations for expansion and recruitment, allowing multinational companies to stay competitive in [...]

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Creating an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Program

Creating an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Program Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is becoming more important as organizations look to create workplaces more reflective of current demographic trends. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey and Company, businesses with a diverse workforce are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns [...]

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PeopleScout Introduces Affinix™ – Empowering Faster Connection Talent Through Technology

PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 8, 2017 PeopleScout Introduces Affinix™ – Empowering Faster Connection with the Best Talent Through a Proprietary, AI-Enabled Platform that Delivers a Consumer-Like Candidate Experience Affinix™ Leverages Artificial Intelligence, Recruitment Marketing, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics with One Point ATS and VMS Integration for Total Workforce [...]

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