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Project-Based Strategic Consulting

As part of our high value offering, PeopleScout offers a number of consulting services to enhance the overall value of our customer solutions. We offer project-based consulting across the full employee life cycle and have access to a highly skilled specialist panel that works with us to deliver these services.

As we work with our clients to develop strategic talent acquisition functions, these services are built into the delivery roadmaps of our recruitment and HR solutions.  All of the services can be delivered as separate unbundled consulting projects.

Below are examples of some of the consulting services offered by PeopleScout. Explore the below offerings to elevate your place in market.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is critical when you are competing for top talent both externally and internally. Understanding your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the foundation of a good employment brand. It is important to understand your EVP to not only attract the best talent into your organization, but also to keep them. The EVP will be a major factor in driving capability and assuring a match to the culture.

We have an approach which is different to many traditional consultancies and advertising agencies, which is to identify an organization’s EVP from the foundation in order to ensure reality resonates internally and aspiration drives motivation and attraction. Our consulting services around employer branding are adapted to your needs and can include anything from an external validation of an existing EVP, full development of a new EVP, creative concept development and digital design, execution and launch of a new employment brand strategy and everything in between.

Recruitment Diagnostic

Performing a diagnostic of your recruitment function is a great way to determine which recruitment model, RPO, MSP or Total Workforce Solutions program, if applicable, is best for you. Partnering with us to conduct a recruitment diagnostic of your recruitment function might just give you what you need. Our approach is both quantitative and qualitative and may give you the necessary factual basis for the development of a more strategic recruitment function.

High Performance Profiling

Profiling high performers in an organization can result in increased productivity and at times, increased financial outcomes. Our approach to high performance profiling includes the identification of the pivotal factors that make up the unique DNA of a high performer versus an average performer. Once a profile is established, we customize the recruitment and selection process to ensure the placement of high performers in your organization.

Exit Interviews

Our exit interview service includes data collection through multiple approaches, data analysis and metrics reporting. Exit interviews can be conducted using multiple channels – online, via telephone or face to face – tailoring the approach for different talent segments and roles. Our approach is to work with the client to define the exit interview questions, to establish the best approach for each role and to measure the results against set objectives.