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Defeating the Competition with a Strong Work-Life Balance

No matter the organization’s culture or size, recruiting and retaining the best employees has created a talent war. Talent experts agree that high attrition restricts innovation and puts organizations at a disadvantage when sized up to their competition.  Inflexible work arrangements are often a primary reason why top talent leaves an organization, but keeping the best employees at your organization with a positive work-life balance is effective, inexpensive, and simple to do.

It is best to take an open and communicative approach to offering flexible arrangements, as it will cast your organization in a positive light, causing employees to stay and save you the time and money of onboarding replacement hires. Sustainable working patterns are key, since any employee missing important social or family events will undoubtedly wonder if the compensation is truly worth what he or she is giving up.

While flexible scheduling is critical for promoting work-life balance at an organization, many organizations may not know where to begin. Simply accommodating doctors’ appointments or school visits is an important first step, and other arrangements may include telecommuting or compressing the work week into 3 or 4 days per week rather than 5. Allowing for more time off may also increase employee efficiency and create a win-win situation for both the employee and the organization.

In addition, supervisors should be trained in spotting employee burnout or fatigue. Effective programs will involve a mixture of policies and options for employees, but even the most effective programs will be rendered useless if supervisors do not know when to implement them, or if a large workload is overwhelming an employee. Spotting burnout can be as simple as routinely checking in with an employee in a series of informal performance reviews. An informal performance review has many benefits, including visible communication channels and increased employee efficiency, but the informal review’s ability to increase retention is arguably the most important aspect.

Each employee is different, but creating a work environment that accommodates your employees’ needs at every life-stage will provide many lucrative benefits. A positive work-life balance is critical to reducing attrition and maintaining a happy, healthy, and productive workforce that gives you an edge over your competition. With frequent communication and flex scheduling arrangements, any company will see themselves on the wining side of the talent war with high retention rates.

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