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Goodbye Job Boards. Hello Social Media.

In the last decade, social media has drastically changed the way people communicate. And now, it is altering the way employers and candidates interact. Social media is no longer only for sharing photos and finding friends – it is now becoming the main avenue for job hunters to find positions and for companies to source for candidates. Just as job boards replaced newspaper ads, social media platforms are replacing job boards as the new way to find a job and identify candidates.

For over 20 years, job boards have been the premiere place to post open positions, discover candidates and apply to jobs. Job boards can vary wildly, ranging from all types of career opportunities to only niche career paths, providing multiple routes for job seekers. While they are vastly useful, job boards may no longer be the best place to find the ideal candidate. Companies that move beyond job boards to social media open a window to reach more people, unlocking an enhanced way to source and hire.

Social Media is Free Employer Marketing
Utilizing social media to promote the company’s brand and culture is an important first step that all companies should take. A simple post on Facebook by a company about their commitment to inclusion can end up in various different places for people to see and share. The opportunities for “sharing” and “liking” open pathways to potential candidates to find the company – and best of all, it is 100% free, unless the organization plans to place advertisements or “promoted” posts. Now, many companies are taking their social media a step further and posting open positions in addition to statements of the brand and culture. This way, someone already showing a small interest in the company may think about applying for a position. Using a social media profile to promote positions creates an opportunity for a company to capitalize on their unique branding, capabilities and culture rather than competing for applicants alongside a sea of open positions on job boards. And did we mention it’s also free?

Let the Job Seekers Find You
Corporate use of social media also helps job seekers in their search. As the majority of the world is now on social media, job seekers have a critical opportunity to quickly find out additional information about the company on social media, and may also comment or send a private message in order to make themselves known. On job boards, applicants have very few chances to differentiate themselves, but this new avenue can showcase their knowledge and capabilities. Social media benefits the job seeker because it opens opportunities to share more information and showcase more qualities – and in today’s candidate-focused hiring environment, companies must use every avenue available to help the job seeker.

Higher Candidate Engagement
The communication capabilities created by social media are critical to improving candidate experience. Using a job board establishes a barrier between the employer and the applicant – often a very large barrier, with limited information about the company and a link to a frustrating application process. An applicant is unable to reach out to the hiring manager or other stakeholders concerning the position, and critical questions such as “What is the company culture like?” and “Is there flexible scheduling available?” may go unanswered. The candidate must also wait to be contacted, leaving them without the ability to follow-up. However, if the company has an open and engaging presence on social media, the candidate can directly search out and contact the individuals with hiring power in a desired department. Opening communication via social media happens most commonly through LinkedIn, as Facebook and Twitter are more “informal” platforms that may not feel appropriate to the professional candidate. This puts the candidate in a more engaged position during the hiring process, since it eliminates waiting and hoping for a response from the employer. Just be sure your company’s LinkedIn profile is active and engaging!

Sourcing Capabilities that Increase Quality of Hire
Additionally, social media serves the company in a similar capacity. With the ability to research a candidate’s background, corporations that are social media savvy can quickly eliminate certain candidates that may have less-than-ideal content on their profiles, saving significant amounts of time and money. The research opportunities afforded by social media are critical to quickly finding better candidates. Corporations may take it a step further and reach out to their candidates via social media, especially if the company culture is informal and relaxed, as any social media communication will appear far more “human” than a phone call or email. The prevalence of social media can further bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, creating a more conversational and transparent relationship and moving away from the typical formality that may shroud information and discourage bright candidates.

For today’s companies, these are only a few of the benefits afforded by social media engagement. While job boards are still useful for many companies, and some candidates still seek a more formal application process afforded by job boards, it is vital that employers maximize on social media’s opportunity to source for candidates and advertise themselves. Nearly all social media platforms are 100% free to join, making it a no-brainer with little risk and a strong possibility of very high return. Employers wanting to stay on top of their hiring game must take advantage of social media – the incentives are necessary to hiring today’s workforce. So say goodbye to frustrating job boards, and say hello to a more engaging and useful social media experience.

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