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The Importance of Thank You Notes

It’s natural to follow up most business conversations with a “thank you,” and most of us do it without thinking twice. However, a simple thank you may not be enough to establish a working relationship that leads to success. Thank you notes are an opportunity to reemphasize your desirable qualities. This is where the thank you note establishes itself as a powerful professional tool.

Especially for interviews and other first-time business meetings, the thank you note contributes to your overall impression. Besides signaling your attention to detail, they show that you genuinely value the relationship and want to remain in the forefront of the receiver’s mind. In addition, thank you notes demonstrate that you possess the crucial professional trait of being able to follow through on tasks. The thank you note is one of the most important professional tools you will have throughout your career, however, writing one can be deceptively simple.

When it comes to crafting the note, keep it mind that it needn’t be lengthy or ornate. It’s perfectly acceptable to send your note through email, and limiting yourself to a single paragraph is a good way to make sure your recipient actually reads your note in the midst of an overloaded inbox. Furthermore, the sooner you write your thank you note, the more thoughtful it will be, but be sure that you are not writing a generic note that looks like it could have been cut and pasted from a template with the names changed. Appearing genuine is a must.

If you’d like to take an extra step towards enhancing your impression, hand written notes are another way to stand out. Computer screens simply do not have the same personality and warmth of physical notes, but be careful not to overdo it or limit yourself to hand written notes. Additionally, be sure to send the letter using rush delivery or drop it with with receptionist. A letter sent through the mail might not arrive in time for important decisions.

Simply put, a well-crafted and thoughtful thank you note, in any form, should be in everyone’s career toolkit. Not only is it a powerful tool, but it is a minimal effort ticket to new opportunities and relationships. Practice crafting a thank you note until you perfect it, and you’ll be ready to easily secure that career success you’ve been searching for.

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