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Wide Industry Expertise + Deep Niche Specialties

The PeopleScout team takes a consultative, partnership approach with each client, building relationships on trust and operational precision. Our commitment to delivering sustainable value begins by thoroughly immersing ourselves in each clients’ industry, market, and culture from day one.

While we have demonstrated experience in nearly every industry category, we also have niche expertise in financial services, aviation, food manufacturing, hospitality, communications and environmental services.


When it comes to the management of money and assets, large corporations, small businesses and individuals alike understand the importance of trust and compliance. PeopleScout has deep and proven expertise in serving as a trusted and consultative partner for our numerous clients in the financial services industry. Our commitment to hiring the best candidates in the marketplace is supported by our unique understanding of this complex industry, adhering to specific Federal and regulatory guidelines.




As providers of air transport services for both traveling passengers and freight, airlines around the globe make up one of the world’s most thriving industries. PeopleScout attentively weighs and accounts for unique role complexities as we work to provide our clients in the airline industry with a reliable, experienced and highly scalable workforce. Our deep knowledge in this space has yielded PeopleScout an industry leader in talent acquisition for airlines across the globe.


The specific regulatory, health and safety concerns of the food manufacturing industry are areas where PeopleScout brings deep expertise. Our client relationships include long-standing business with candy and baked goods, snack foods, coffee, meat packing and poultry companies. Our teams understand that food manufacturers are working hard to drive greater value from every dollar they spend, including wages. Our solutions can help fine-tune the workforce in your plant and provide visibility into the true cost of your human resources.


PeopleScout manages recruitment for some of the world’s largest hospitality chains, so we understand that the people on the front lines and behind the scenes are all critical to your property’s reputation, brand standards, and profitability. Over the years, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the talent acquisition challenges and requirements of modern hospitality companies, including hotels, cruise lines, banquet and catering companies, and institutional services providers.


The competitive environment for today’s communications companies is intense, so having a team with the know-how and experience to recruit and retain a smart, customer-centric workforce is critical. PeopleScout has partnered with some of the world’s leading communications companies for years, and has developed extensive expertise in the industry. We have become a trusted talent advisor to numerous telecommunications, digital, wireless, cable, entertainment and technology brands.


Arguably one of the world’s most vital industries, waste services is focused on the collection and disposal of waste to ensure and maintain the sanitation of the communities in which we live and work. Many industry candidates have concerns and reservations surrounding weather, safety and the physically strenuous demands of the job, therefore fluid communication and realistic job previews are paramount to the prevention and reduction of attrition. PeopleScout’s thorough understanding of the waste services industry allows us to collaboratively build a target candidate profile and provide our clients with quality and dependable results in this unique industry.



Continuously striving to advance the knowledge surrounding healthcare, the clinical research industry works to improve the quality of life for people around the globe. Now, more than ever, the global focus on disease prevention, medical diagnoses and treatment serves as a testament to this industry’s expedient growth. PeopleScout has deep talent acquisition experience in this field, specializing in niche professional hiring. Our industry-tenured recruiters and dedicated delivery teams leverage their insight into legislative and regulatory developments in order to help our clients plan for the unexpected and meet market demands.



The customer service industry has a broad reach, with the overarching goal being to generate revenue while creating a pleasant client experience and ensuring a favorable perception of the company. Due to the seasonality of the industry, PeopleScout is flexible and highly scalable in order to meet the dynamic demands of our clients. As excellence in customer service is the foundation of our business, PeopleScout uniquely grasps the importance of helping our clients make strategic and quality customer service hires as they directly translate into an elevated extension of their brands.


Government organizations are not immune to talent shortages in key positions or the need to hire top talent. PeopleScout works extensively with Federal, Local and State organizations, both public and semi-private to find top talent in critical positions. Understanding government recruitment practices and policies is critical to being able to source candidates effectively in this space. Additionally, PeopleScout’s Springboard™ technology platform has been optimized to the specific needs of highly specialized government bodies and is being used to enable the recruitment processes in many public sector organizations.


Information technology has impacted nearly every organization worldwide and each innovative product, tool, software and/or service that is developed results in an increased demand for the right talent to support and manage it. PeopleScout’s expertise in the realm of information technology spans multiple geographies and skill verticals as we help our clients adapt to the dynamic candidate marketplace through equipping them with a skilled and robust workforce.


Hiring needs within the manufacturing sector are comprised of a variety of skill sets including project management, engineering, supervisors, niche skilled labor, unskilled labor, etc. As scarcity of top talent is often a challenge in the marketplace, PeopleScout is committed to providing our clients with a competitive edge through innovative technology and superior recruitment performance. As the manufacturing industry changes and adopts advances in technology and process, we continue to successfully demonstrate our ability to help our clients thrive.


The collective property, construction and engineering industries seem to be increasingly faced with pervasive issues of talent shortage. Combining robust market knowledge with strategic and customized sourcing strategies is critical to identifying and engaging with top candidates in these respective fields. PeopleScout’s knowledge of these industries, and their inherent challenges allows us to deliver exemplary results for our clients across both niche and high volume positions. Our comprehensive and customized end-to-end recruitment solutions are designed to thoughtfully and proactively account for the talent acquisition challenges being experienced in these industries today.


A unique characteristic of the retail industry is such that the employees are recognized as the face of the brand and subsequently, can significantly impact the global perception. Hence, ensuring that an organization’s front-line roles are filled with the best candidates in the marketplace is crucial to maintaining competitive positioning. PeopleScout’s commitment to collaborative and transparent partnerships with our clients enables us to create and refine targeted candidate profiles and execute strategic go-to-market initiatives.



Comprised of responsibilities that range from branch managers to merchandising roles or sales associates, the sales industry focuses on growing businesses while providing customers with a desired product or service. We understand the critical and ever-changing business needs inherent to the sales industry and specialize in working collaboratively with our clients to account for and navigate the market. Through full immersion into our clients’ respective cultures, PeopleScout is rendered perfectly positioned to provide our clients with excellence in service delivery.



One of the most rapidly changing industries, transportation is built around the logistics of delivering essential items to specified locations globally. Targeted candidates in this field are often presented with numerous options for employment, all the more emphasizing strategic and thoughtful approaches to attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. PeopleScout’s dedicated delivery team model has a proven track record of streamlining processes to make the recruiting cycle in this industry both efficient and effective, while also placing a laser focus on key client initiatives such as military hiring and diversity hiring.



The warehouse/distribution industry is trusted to store and allocate goods with accuracy and speed. Due to non-traditional scheduling, seasonality and often physically demanding nature of these roles, many companies face issues with retention and therefore PeopleScout’s emphasis on strategic positioning of an employer’s value proposition can serve as a value add. Our extensive experience in recruiting for these mission-critical roles has positioned PeopleScout as a market leader within the warehouse/distribution industry.


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