[On-Demand]: How Embracing Authenticity Can Drive Inclusion

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Diversity in the workplace is vital for employers and employees. It can help to build a great workplace culture, increased profitability and better opportunities for workers. Organizations flourish when they demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, watch this inspiring Big Idea Talk, Authenticity and Tending to the Garden of Realness, delivered by Eric de los Santos, Associate General Counsel, Senior Director of Employment Law at our parent company TrueBlue.

The webinar will:

  • Demonstrate how diversity makes today’s organizations stronger
  • Provide tips on how to build a workplace where respect is the foundation of your culture
  • Build an understanding of how your own experiences lead to hidden biases and stereotypes
  • Explain the right way to explore differences and common ground—making it easier to build trust