[On-Demand]: Sourcing in 2021

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Over the last year, many organizations have had to rethink the strategies and methods they leverage to source and recruit talent. Now, talent leaders face new challenges and opportunities.

More technology is available than ever before, designed to making global sourcing and talent acquisition more efficient. Additionally, many candidates have the ability and desire to work from anywhere. How can you tap into this global pool of talent to find and hire the best people?

Join PeopleScout Client Delivery Leader James Cleaver and Recruiting Operations Manager Matt O’Donnell for the Sourcing in 2021 Talking Talent Webinar, available now on-demand. James and Matt dig into sourcing candidates, attracting talent faster and how to go about engaging with candidates for current or future roles.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right sourcing tools and technology
  • How to plan for the future and build robust talent pipelines
  • How to structure your global sourcing process
  • Ways to maximize your investments and get ahead where you can
  • And more!