[On-Demand]: Data and the Great Rehire: Using Analytics to Power Your Recovery


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During the Great Rehire, there will be more job openings, more competition for candidates, more applicants for each of your positions and potentially more turnover within your organization. How are smart talent leaders planning to navigate these upcoming challenges?

Having access to the right data and the right tools to analyze and act will be critical for success. Employers that use a data-driven approach to talent during the Great Rehire will recover faster and stronger. Do you have the tools and knowledge to manage this on your own?

Join PeopleScout Vice President of Technology Carter McHugh and Vice President of Product Anna Turner for this on-demand Talking Talent Webinar. Anna and Carter will dig into how you can use data to improve your candidate experience, streamline your recruiting processes and ensure an equitable hiring process for diverse candidates.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify hold ups in your candidate journey and fix them
  • Gather candidate feedback and use it to improve your process
  • Reorganize your internal processes to streamline hiring
  • Build a process that eliminates friction for diverse candidates
  • And more!