Executive Search Lead


What do you actually do at PeopleScout day to day? 
I am responsible for supporting the sales effort to sell search and selection to win more deals as well as managing the delivery of the search and selection campaigns to grow more.

This means managing my own projects and delivering the service as well as a small specialist team. Overall, I am responsible for the quality of our work and impact on the continuous improvement of the service.

Do you have a leadership philosophy? If so, what is it?

My philosophy is to create more leaders and not followers. A famous phrase from management guru Tom Peters is “Leaders don’t create followers…they create more leaders.” Individuals need to be given the opportunity to grow and make mistakes. We need to provide a safe space to grow and make mistakes.

What advice do you have for women getting started in their careers? 

Be prepared to work hard, prove yourself and then promote yourself. It’s NOT BRAGGING!

Who is someone who has contributed to your success and how? 

My father, RIP, contributed to my success because he never made me think I was any different to anyone else because I was female. He treated my brother and I as equals. Dad didn’t doubt my ability to be good at whatever I wanted to be good at. Then I worked hard like he did.

What barriers have you faced in your career and how did you overcome them? 

At one point in my career, I was accused of not being committed because I had children. My former boss even said, “What you need is a wife.” Can you believe that? How narrow-minded was that? My quietness and reserved nature may have been a barrier to progression as I had hoped that my good work and results would create sponsors. I have now realized that I probably needed to talk more about my own achievements rather than expect others to advocate for me.

What can we all do to support women in leadership? 

Give women a platform to tell the world how good they are, give them exposure to the skills needed in the next job, and enable them to progress. Understand that our differences add, not subtract, from what we bring to the table.