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Case Study – Markets and Financial Services Regulator 2017-10-22T14:23:39+00:00

Project Description

Case Study – Corporate, Markets and Financial Services Regulator


This Australian Markets and Financial services regulator employs approximately 2,000 people nationally. The client commissioned PeopleScout HRX to conduct a study to review (by job level) gender split at each stage of the recruitment process. The key objective of the client continues to be to encourage more females into senior roles.


HRX conducted an analysis of the client’s workforce at a job level. The results were outlined and aggregated. In addition to this analysis, we did the following:

  • Worked with the client to establish and embed voluntary gender targets
  • Review current recruitment practices and policies that may prevent them from reaching these targets
  • Support the client in conducting unconscious bias for hiring managers
  • Develop a series of recommendations to the fine tune the recruitment assessment and selection process to allow more females into the recruitment process


As a result of this consultative study, the client implemented numerous refinements to the recruitment assessment and selection process to encourage more females into the process for senior level positions. In addition, a number of policy and cultural changes took place to enable these process improvements to be successful.


Case Study: Australian Electronics Retailer

Results include a 400% increase in company value within a year of divestment from previous parent company. Project included a complete overhaul and transformation of all recruitment processes.

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Case Study — Industrial Equipment Supplier

Results include exceeded diversity (gender, ethnicity) objectives and realized business expansion goals every quarter since the inception of the PeopleScout program.

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