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Project Description

Case Study — Australian Electronics Retailer

Complete HR Transformation; Company Value Increases 400% in 12 months


An existing client, a private equity firm that specializes in turnaround cases, purchased a large electronics retail company. While there were many challenges, one critical success factor was to create a culture of high performance through building and maintaining the quality of employees.


The transition from the previous parent company created the following challenges —

  • New top level leadership
  • Retention and performance issues
  • Modification of all people processes and systems, including recruitment, talent management, employee benefits and even payroll services
  • Poor employment brand in comparison to competitors

Additional Challenges Faced —

  • Low productivity across all areas of the business
  • Implementation of appropriately sized resourcing to improve business process efficiencies
  • Rapid initiation of business growth initiatives such as establishing an oversees sourcing facility, opening new stores and new business acquisitions


The HR Transformation Program Plan included the following phases:


Phase 1 was focused on transitioning HR services and systems previously provided by the previous parent to the client, impacting all HR-related areas.

  • Establishment of a new leadership team
  • Transition training programs
  • Development of employee engagement strategies
  • Establishment of metrics, reporting and KPIs
  • Establishment of international sourcing operations


As the client’s HR processes and systems were mobilized during the transition phase, the Turnaround Committee identified critical HR related projects required to establish a high performance culture accountable for delivering business outcomes

  • Development of an aligned HR strategy and EVP
  • Top Down KPI development and cascaded rollout
  • Business growth plans — international sourcing hub in Hong Kong


As the business successfully met the goals of the turnaround, the Program Plan rapidly evolved to include recruiting and retention strategies that supported growth programs, ultimately leading to an IPO.

These projects included:

  • Christmas recruitment for maximum sales and EBITDA
  • Analysis of store productivity
  • Transition from private ownership to public ownership


The overall combined outcomes of the HR program plan with other areas of the business were —

  • Rapid transition from previous parent (just over 6 months
  • Successful turnaround within 7 months of ownership (accelerated from the original 24-month plan)
  • Successful IPO within a year of divestment from parent; business listed it at more than a 400% increase in value

The outcomes for the HR team were —

  • Established culture with distinct values and optimized communication
  • Cascaded KPI and goal alignment across all areas of the business
  • Increased in Sales Per Labor Hour performance in stores
  • Named“Best New Employee Share Plan 2014” by Employee Ownership, Australia and New Zealand
  • Recognition programs like: CEO Club for high performers, company awards, and performance based incentive plan


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