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Case Study — Global Pharmaceutical Distributor 2017-10-22T14:23:37+00:00

Project Description

Case Study — Global Pharmaceutical Distributor


Company Background:

  • More than 40,000 global employees
  • Solution supports multiple business units for niche professional and high volume non-exempt positions
  • A specific area of focus includes increase in number of Veteran hires


  • Streamline overall recruitment process
  • Identify specific areas for efficiency and cost savings
  • Truly immerse a dedicated RPO delivery team into client’s talent acquisition organization and culture


PeopleScout built a highly scalable and dedicated recruitment delivery team specifically aligned to the client’s line of business and skill/role categories. The recruitment delivery team is empowered with innovative technology and tools to deliver efficiencies and improve upon recruitment performance.


  • Identified more than $1M in cost savings to date
  • Streamlined the recruitment process resulting in decreased time to fill
  • Improved hiring manager satisfaction scores for the talent acquisition organization
  • Successfully improved the recruitment performance while transitioning the engagement from another RPO provider


Case Study – Global Rental Services Provider

Results include an 18% increase in sales productivity per associate and a 100% fill-rate for annual business hiring surge.

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Case Study — Global Research Organization

Results include an reduced agency spend by 40% and a decreased time to fill by a global average of 13 calendar days.

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