The Governance Imperative: Proper Oversight of MSP Programs Fosters Agility & Efficiency

Effective MSP Program Governance Fosters Success

Sourcing initiatives for managed service providers (MSP) and the subsequent implementation of an MSP program requires a tremendous amount of energy, resources and focus by the client company. Tons of time is spent on program implementation— from communication and training to defining policies, processes and workflow. Add in configuring technology, defining service level agreements (SLAs) and finalizing reporting requirements and a program is often defined as complete- but that shouldn’t be the case.

It’s very common to overlook ongoing MSP program governance after the implementation process is complete. MSP programs are designed to meet current needs, but without comprehensive governance and management protocols, programs might fail to realize multi-dimensional benefits. They can also fail to be responsive to emerging business needs, expansion, growth and changes.

A Strong MSP Program Governance Process is Essential

Particularly when MSP programs span a wide range of contingent and outsourced services across multiple countries. A solid governance model will create a collaborative relationship between the client and their MSP provider by aligning the MSP operating model with the client’s business goals and objectives that will drive greater program value.

To learn more about effective MSP program governance, download your copy of The Governance Imperative below.

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