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5 Updated Recruiting Rules to Help You Source Top Talent

Are you searching for the impossible candidate?

In today’s marketplace, companies often struggle to find candidates for positions requiring high skill levels. According to a 2016 Linkedin survey, 46% of hiring executives cite finding candidates in high demand talent pools as the No. 1 obstacle to attracting top talent. The process can make you feel like you’re trying to find the impossible candidate.

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RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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The Globalization of RPO

RPO markets are emerging all over the world, presenting diverse conditions and creating a serious challenge for global providers. A global RPO presence requires careful consideration of multiple variables such as market maturity, compliance, cultural differences, complex client needs, language barriers and more. Many RPO providers will see limited success with a “one-size-fits-all” RPO solution, but proactive planning can create a solid RPO foundation in various regions.


White Paper
All About Millennials: Crossing a Multi-Generational Talent Pool

Companies today are finding recruiting and retention challenges for individuals under 35. Popularly referred to as the Millennial generation, these young individuals possess unique characteristics that can strengthen workforces and bring new insight to organizations – but without proper recruitment and care, Millennials may quickly abandon ship. Many avenues are available for organizations to increase their awareness of Millennials’ needs, and those that do will find themselves not only with the next generation of leaders, but with tremendous creative energy and innovation in their offices.