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White Paper
The Governance Imperative

Expanding a managed service provider (MSP) program globally begins with the understanding that going global is not as simple as duplicating what works in the U.S. and making that the standard around the world. Cultural, legal and economic differences must be considered. The U.S. is a mature contingent staffing environment, free from many of the legal and regulatory complexities to staffing arrangements that exist elsewhere in the world. […]

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White Paper
Guide to Going Global

A strong MSP program governance process is essential, particularly when MSP programs span a wide range of contingent and outsourced services across multiple countries. A solid governance model will create a collaborative relationship between the client and their MSP provider by aligning the MSP operating model with the client’s business goals and objectives that will drive greater program value.

To learn more about effective MSP program governance, download your copy of The Governance Imperative.