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PeopleScout’s Managed Service Provider Solutions Increase ROI

For nearly 15 years, PeopleScout’s managed service provider solutions have enabled our clients to efficiently source, engage, fulfill, measure and manage all categories of contingent and externally sourced labor.

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What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Managed service provider (MSP) programs support gig, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, independent contractor (1099) administration, Statement of Work (SOW) engagements and other complex services across all skill categories and geographic locations.

PeopleScout’s MSP programs combine expertise in staffing and supplier management with leading Vendor Management System (VMS) technology to best meet your business requirements. Each solution is customized to provide you with the best talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive program management and tangible savings – with a goal of creating operational excellence and yielding sustainable value.

Benefits of Engaging a Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Solutions and Supplier Management

PeopleScout has assembled a network of top-tier vendors who meet our demanding standards. Our network features contingent workforce suppliers who meet our demanding standards, vendors that appreciate accountability, and who want to continuously improve service levels, talent quality, timeliness, and compliance.

MSP and Vendor Management by PeopleScout

PeopleScout’s Managed service provider solutions provide enterprise-wide workforce and vendor management for high-volume users and unbundled solutions for small to mid-sized users.

No matter the scale of your contingent staffing needs, PeopleScout provides unparalleled cost control and increased efficiencies that deliver savings back to the bottom line. We have a record of driving client satisfaction through the roof and as client needs evolve, our MSP solutions evolve with them. Our value blueprint locks in continuous program improvement by ensuring:

  • Actionable data and analytics identify opportunities to reduce costs and cut risks

  • Historical trend data and recruitment expertise are leveraged to broaden and strengthen recruitment reach

  • Consistent onboarding and other processes drive efficiencies and compliance
  • Detailed program governance keeps the overall program accountable and adaptable
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Implementation and Governance

Promising seamless program implementation and a well-defined governance strategy, then delivering on that promise, is a tenet we take seriously, and that our clients trust us to keep.
The PeopleScout MSP Implementation team is dedicated to ensuring that each MSP implementation supports business continuity throughout the entire process, from formulating objectives for the overall program to transitioning it to the team who will manage suppliers and the contingent workforce on a daily basis.
Once an MSP program is in place, we employ a crisp governance strategy developed in close collaboration with our client to ensure that the program is achieving its goals and is able to adapt, scale and respond to changes that impact staffing needs.

Interested in learning more about MSP program governance?

Read our white paper, The Governance Imperative.
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Comprehensive MSP Program Management

At the core of PeopleScout’s award-winning MSP programs is a commitment to building consultative partnerships and understanding our clients on their terms. Our client service teams leverage powerful analytics and a wealth of experience to optimize supplier and workforce performance, maximize efficiency, increase cost savings and ensure compliance.

MSP Programs Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Trends:

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