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Scalable MSP Solutions

PeopleScout’s scalable Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions provide end-to-end workforce and vendor management for high-volume users of contingent labor and tailored, unbundled solutions for small to mid-size users.

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Vendor Management

Our network features contingent workforce suppliers who meet our demanding standards and vendors that appreciate accountability and want to continuously improve service levels, talent quality, timeliness and compliance.

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Implementation & Governance

Promising custom program implementation and a well-defined governance strategy, then delivering on that promise, is a tenet we take seriously, and that our clients trust us to keep.

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Comprehensive Program Management

We invest our people, our time and our resources in aligning contingent workforce, supplier strategy and execution with a client’s unique operational needs and business objectives.

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Optimize Your Workforce with the Right People, Process and Analytics

PeopleScout MSP programs provide scalable end-to-end workforce and vendor management for high-volume users of contingent labor and tailored, unbundled solutions for small to mid-size users. Our proven experience helps our clients engage and manage tens of thousands of workers each year while providing unparalleled cost control and increased efficiencies that drive savings back to the bottom line.

PeopleScout News: We’re pleased to announce that on January 1, 2017, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) division of our sister TrueBlue company, Staff Management | SMX was transitioned to PeopleScout.

Why MSP?

For nearly 15 years, our MSP solutions have enabled our clients to efficiently source, engage, fulfill, measure and manage all categories of contingent and externally sourced labor. MSP programs support temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, independent contractor (1099) administration, Statement of Work (SOW) engagements and other complex services across all skill categories and geographies.

Our MSP programs combine expertise in staffing and supplier management with leading Vendor Management System (VMS) technology to best meet your business requirements. Each solution is customized to provide you with the best talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive program management and tangible savings – with a goal of creating operational excellence and yielding sustainable value.

MSP Programs Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Trends:

  • SOW programs on the rise: An MSP program can help you tap into the SOW market, which is expected to grow at 32% year-over-year CAAGR until 2019.
  • Data-driven demands: MSP programs allow you to take advantage of more sophisticated analytics to support supply chain management and sourcing.
  • Technological advancements: Pairing an MSP with leading VMS technologies helps deliver greater total – permanent and contingent – workforce visibility.

Why Choose PeopleScout as your MSP Partner?

  • Our proven experience helps improve visibility into costs, compliance and quality.
  • We drive increased profitability through reduced costs and risk.
  • Our strong focus on supplier management allows you to optimize your supply base across all categories and geographies.
  • We use innovative technologies to broaden and diversify recruitment reach.
  • Our dedicated, onsite teams administer consistent on and off-boarding.
  • We integrate your corporate goals into your contingent labor practice.
We selected PeopleScout because of their partnered approach, proven ability to deliver successful enterprise-wide solutions and their deep understanding of our dynamic staffing environment. Their MSP program has improved our compliance, dramatically decreased our risk and allowed us to better leverage our volume.
Director of Procurement, Major Food Manufacturer


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Featured White Paper
The Governance Imperative

A strong MSP program governance process is essential, particularly when MSP programs span a wide range of contingent and outsourced services across multiple countries. A solid governance model will create a collaborative relationship between the client and their MSP provider by aligning the MSP operating model with the client’s business goals and objectives that will drive greater program value.

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