PeopleScout MSP: Proven Solutions for Hiring Contingent Workers

MSP Solutions

PeopleScout MSP: Proven Solutions for Hiring Contingent Workers

Embrace workforce agility with contingent labor through PeopleScout’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions.

What is MSP?

What is MSP?

With a talent crisis in full swing, many organizations are looking to contingent workers to fill skills gaps. But with cost pressures and complex legislation, it’s an uphill battle for both talent acquisition and procurement teams.

PeopleScout Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions support everything from requisition through to invoicing and payment for temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, direct sourcing, payrolling, independent contractor (1099) administration, statement of work (SOW) engagements and other complex services across all skill categories and geographies. Our solutions combine expertise in staffing and supplier management with a technology-bolstered, culture-driven, and diversity-focused partnership approach that will move your business forward.

For 30+ years, our industry-leading reputation for customer satisfaction has come from our 24/7 concierge-level service, client-first approach and vertically aligned teams. That’s why we’ve ranked in the top five MSP providers for customer satisfaction in all categories of HRO Today’s MSP Baker’s Dozen for six consecutive years.

Managed Service Provider: The PeopleScout Difference

Every MSP provider claims they can achieve cost reduction and compliance. Unlike other providers, PeopleScout’s high-touch partnerships deliver insights and creative problem-solving that unlocks a better contingent workforce management experience.

If your current contingent workforce management strategies are no longer working for you, make the switch to PeopleScout MSP.

Boosted by Technology 

Boosted by Technology 

Our MSP team is experienced with leading VMS, Vendor Management System, technologies to help you leverage your existing investment. Plus, Affinix™ Analytics integrates with any VMS to provide real-time data on supplier performance, spend and contingent workforce management. Built-in AI means you get market intelligence and competitive benchmarking data to make confident decisions. 

Fueled by Culture 

Fueled by Culture 

As an extension of your internal team, we immerse ourselves in your culture and align with your talent needs and goals. We bring a personal touch to our supplier recommendations, so, whether we’re establishing supplier relationships on your behalf or hand-picking them from our network, they’ll align with your values and talent requirements—not simply increase spend.

Energized by Diversity 

Energized by Diversity 

Over 30% of our supplier community is certified diverse, including payroll suppliers for your pre-identified contingent labor. Whether you want to hire more women, support veterans or increase  cultural diversity, PeopleScout’s proprietary scoring system and supplier dashboard tracks and reports on every supplier to ensure that your diversity goals and spend requirements are met.

Slashing Costs & Boosting Compliance With a Tech-Powered MSP Program

Learn how PeopleScout helped a leading food processing company centralize and streamline its contingent hiring process through targeted technology improvements. The results? A $500,000 annual cost savings and 19% payroll spend reduction.

Slashing Costs & Boosting Compliance With a Tech-Powered MSP Program

What People Are Saying

“PeopleScout remains an industry leader one of the best choices in the market for MSP services. Their consultative approach makes them a valuable partner for any employer looking to optimize their MSP program.”

Elliot Clark CEO and Chairman, SharedXpertise and HRO Today
Affinix™ Analytics: Turning Your Data into Action


Affinix™ Analytics: Turning Your Data into Action

We’re dedicated to arming you with sharable, digestible insights across your contingent workforce and other labor channels for a total workforce view.

Our proprietary talent platform, Affinix™, integrates with your VMS technology to help you harness the power of data. Embedded within PeopleScout’s talent solutions, Affinix supercharges your MSP program with speed and scalability through artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, predictive analytics and more.

Our Contingent Labor Supplier Network

Our Contingent Labor Supplier Network

Our proven framework ranks suppliers against our client’s contingent workforce priorities as well as cost, quality and compliance benchmarks. This ensures that our supply base—across all job categories and geographies—drives industry-leading performance and customer service.

Our commitment to monitoring SLAs with staffing suppliers ensures continued performance, compliance and cost efficiency. We’re proud to say that we consistently meet or exceed our supplier SLAs, offering our clients the best contingent labor at the best price.

MSP Program Implementation and Governance

MSP Program Implementation and Governance

The PeopleScout MSP team is dedicated to ensuring that your implementation supports business continuity throughout the entire contingent workforce process, from formulating program objectives to transitioning the management of suppliers and contingent workers on a daily basis.

Our centralized risk management team oversees compliance across the entire scope of your MSP program, maintaining a comprehensive risk matrix. Plus, we always know the trends and legislation that may influence your ability to attract, retain and engage contingent workers.

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Contingent Workforce Solution Opens the Door to a $500K Cost Savings & a Total Talent Solution

Situation  PeopleScout has partnered with this door and window manufacturer since 2017, providing Managed Service Provider (MSP) support for contingent talent solutions in the areas of light industrial, technology and professional roles. Initially, PeopleScout supported locations in the U.S. only, but in 2021 expanded into Canada, playing a key role in supplier vetting, contract negotiations, data…

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Answering Your FAQs on MSP

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) solution is an impactful way for organizations to manage all or part of their contingent workforce. PeopleScout MSP manages the end-to-end contingent talent lifecycle, from requisition to payment. Additionally, by partnering with leading vendor management systems (VMS), we deliver visibility to your entire contingent workforce. 

Advantages of an MSP include:   

  • Consistent process across all locations
  • Vetted contingent labor supplier network and monitoring controls
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Compliance with labor regulations, governance, physical/cyber security
  • Visibility to program spend and cost savings
  • Market and talent analytics

Learn all about MSP in our Managed Service Provider overview 

MSP programs often rely on contingent workforce spend minimums to make it a cost-effective and self-sufficient option. Yet, several variables may determine whether partnering with PeopleScout through an MSP solution is appropriate for your company. Consider the following:    

  • Does your organization have several locations (in the U.S. or globally), numerous procurement methods or other decentralized processes?   
  • Does your company have procedures for vetting, standardizing, monitoring and controlling your supplier community?  
  • Does your internal contingent workforce program control costs and deliver on time?  
  • Does your company currently have a VMS tool that provides visibility through reports and dashboards?  

With PeopleScout MSP, you can:

Control costs

  • Reduced mark-up and bill rate inconsistencies  
  • Market analytics to stay competitive for top talent  
  • Increased 
    program usage to prevent rogue spend  
  • Reduced internal admin costs

Increase compliance 

  • Quarterly supplier audits  
  • Compliance with corporate policies for onboarding  
  • Supplier accountability to ensure workers are cleared to start  
  • Standard accounting practices for invoicing  

Reduce risk

  • Consistent contract terms for suppliers  
  • Indemnification  
  • Employment eligibility attestation  
  • Reduced misclassification of workers  
  • Consistent safety policy adherence and reduced OSHA incidents  

Improve supplier management

  • Optimized supply base to support lines of business and locations  
  • Quantitative performance metrics and supplier scorecards  
  • Diversity spend goals with suppliers  

Streamline processes 

  • Visibility into your temporary workforce
  • Governance
  • Process efficiencies and streamlining
  • Report and analytics

PeopleScout MSP works in tandem with your internal talent procurement or HR teams to support contingent workforce management. For all work arrangements, including contingent labor (in every job category), direct hire/direct sourcing, payrolled talent, 1099/IC and SOW, PeopleScout MSP is responsible for the day-to-day management of your contingent workforce strategy. Our Project Management Office (PMO) team monitors compliance adherence and looks for opportunities to create more value. We optimize your flexible work arrangements for full visibility and control including the requisition lifecycle, supply chain management, invoicing, payment, analytics and market insights and emerging trends.  

MSP costs are based upon a percentage fee of spend. PeopleScout MSP offers two pricing models:


In a supplier-funded program, the suppliers pay a transaction fee to cover the cost of establishing, managing and operating the PeopleScout MSP program. There are no direct costs to the client, and it is 100% funded by the suppliers.


In a client-funded program, the client pays a fixed or variable fee to PeopleScout. Client-funded models often cost less overall than supplier-funded programs, boosting ROI through increased supplier adoption and faster, high-quality talent delivery.