Modular RPO solutions from PeopleScout


Introducing Amplifiers™—modular RPO solutions to augment your team where you need it in your recruitment lifecycle.

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Scalable. Flexible. Agile.

Sometimes talent acquisition teams experience recruitment challenges that they didn’t anticipate. If you need a little support—whether it’s to augment your internal recruitment team or boost your existing outsourced recruitment provider—PeopleScout has a modular RPO solution that can help you scale up—however it works best for you.

Whether you need an extra set of hands to fill the top of your recruitment funnel or deeper insights to support your workforce decisions, PeopleScout has you covered with a curated suite of agile recruitment solutions to meet your short-term talent needs.

PeopleScout’s Amplifiers offer scalable, flexible recruitment support for organizations in all industries. You get fast results and lasting business impact.

These modular RPO solutions are designed to help you meet demand when your internal team needs a boost—while rivalling the capabilities and costs of traditional agencies. We’re ready to augment your existing processes and provide focused support for peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions, compressed time frames and more.

Learn More About Amplifiers™

Discover how our modular RPO solutions can augment your recruitment processes and supercharge your talent acquisition outcomes.

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Talent Mapping

PeopleScout Talent Mapping helps you unlock the secrets of your talent segments and make better workforce planning decisions. Our experts harness research and analytics to illuminate talent availability, salary benchmarks and more in each of your regions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to game-changing decision-making.

Talent Mapping
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Talent Sourcing

Our Talent Sourcing solution provides the perfect way to boost your recruitment resources, engage with passive candidates and reach your hiring goals faster. Don’t settle for the limitations of ordinary job ads—our sourcers bring a personal touch that ignites excitement about your opportunities. Candidates get a great experience. You get a short or long list of qualified, genuinely enthusiastic applicants.

Talent Sourcing
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Recruiter On-Demand™

With PeopleScout’s Recruiter On-Demand™, you can elevate your recruitment with the expertise of PeopleScout’s experienced project-based recruitment pros when and where you need them—all without increasing your permanent recruiter headcount. Whether you need a small number of additional recruiters or even just one, Recruiter On-Demand is implemented quickly and seamlessly, giving you all the benefits of our RPO expertise on a short-term basis.

Recruiter On-Demand™
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Assessment Transformation

PeopleScout’s Assessment Transformation empowers you to deploy assessments that not only enhance the recruitment experience for candidates but also help you secure top-notch, future-ready talent. Revamp your assessment approach with cutting-edge technology and visionary design. It’s time to redefine what it means to make the right hire.

Assessment Transformation
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Talent Diagnostic

With our 360-degree approach, PeopleScout’s Talent Diagnostic delves deep into every facet of your talent lifecycle. From evaluating your employer brand to enhancing your attraction strategy, from optimizing the candidate experience to maximizing technology usage, we leave no stone unturned. Armed with sector-leading know-how, we’ll guide you through a journey of transformation.

Talent Diagnostic
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Sure Start: Retention & Onboarding

PeopleScout Sure Start is the ultimate onboarding and retention powerhouse, designed to ensure that new hires not only start on their first day but also feel valued and engaged from the get-go. With a perfect blend of personal attention and technology, PeopleScout Sure Start keeps your new joiners excited, reducing early turnover, boosting productivity and creating a path to success for all your new team members.

Sure Start: Retention & Onboarding

Talent Assessment

“Heathrow partnered with PeopleScout to develop a values framework for each job level, and then to create an interview framework that would be effective for roles at all levels in the organization. Their assessment psychology team’s expertise and experience was critical to the success of the project.”

Head of Talent and Performance Heathrow International Airport

Talent Mapping

“The value of the analysis PeopleScout has presented back to us means there are multiple uses for the insight for projects in employee rewards, workforce planning, learning and development, attraction and recruitment. It has helped us understand the reality of the candidate marketplace and availability of skills now and potentially in the future.”

Head of Strategic Resourcing Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Talent Sourcing

“PeopleScout were different to other providers I’ve worked with before. What really set them apart is the time they spent listening and understanding what the roles were and what type of people we wanted. The result is that we trusted PeopleScout’s shortlisted candidates, and we filled our roles quickly with talent that met our quality expectations.”

Head of Service Design and Transformation London Borough of Hounslow

Find Out Which Amplifier is right for you


PeopleScout’s Amplifiers are a curated suite of modular recruitment solutions to help employers augment their recruiting teams when and where they need it most. Whether it’s focused support for peak hiring seasons or onboarding hard-to-fill roles, Amplifiers are designed to help organizations meet immediate talent goals and drive lasting business impact.

We’re committed to meeting our clients’ unique needs with customizable talent solutions. That’s why we created Amplifiers—to help employers when a full-cycle, enterprise RPO engagement isn’t the best fit or meeting all of your needs.

PeopleScout’s Amplifiers offer scalable, agile recruitment support for organizations of all sizes and in all industries, augmenting existing processes with focused support.

Amplifiers can be added as a standalone service or combined with an employer’s current RPO engagement when extra support is needed.

The flexibility of  Amplifiers allows organizations to scale quickly, giving you the agility needed to compete in today’s talent landscape.  

Implementation times will vary depending on the module and your specific needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a quick and seamless implementation process through a virtual delivery model, regularly meeting and exceeding our rapid deployment schedule. 

While we understand the need to move at speed, we never sacrifice on quality. We take the time to understand your goals and vision and train our teams according to your guidelines. 

Yes! Whether you’re partnering with PeopleScout for RPO or another provider, any of the Amplifiers can be added to your existing RPO strategy to provide a short-term boost or additional support when you have challenges that fall outside your current program.

The duration of your  Amplifiers engagement will vary depending on the module and your needs. We’ve supported clients with project-based recruitment and talent acquisition support for anywhere from 12 weeks to over 2 years.

Are you struggling with a lack of data to support decision making? PeopleScout’s Talent Mapping solution supports your attraction and recruitment efforts through an objective comprehensive analysis of a specific market or role type.

Are you seeing a lack of applications for your vacancies? Talent Sourcing acts a stand-alone temporary team to bolster in-house talent acquisition resources or an outsourced supplier. Our recruitment specialists build sustainable pipelines of talent by identifying and attracting specific skillsets to feed into your interview pipeline.

Are you planning for a seasonal hiring peak or experiencing an unexpected hiring surge? With Recruiter On-Demand™, you can leverage the expertise of PeopleScout’s experienced project-based recruitment process professionals when and where you need them with a quick and seamless implementation process—all without increasing your permanent recruiter headcount through a virtual delivery model.

Are you seeing a dip in quality of your hires? PeopleScout’s Assessment Transformation solution helps you create an engaging and efficient assessment process for candidates which gives a realistic role profile while measuring the necessary competencies for the role.

Are you receiving a low offer acceptance or poor candidate experience scores? In just two weeks, our Talent Diagnostic evaluates your entire talent lifecycle, offering insights into your employer brand, attraction strategy, candidate experience, technology usage, operating model, reporting and more to help you troubleshoot your talent acquisition program.

Are you suffering from low accept-to-start ratio or high early attrition? PeopleScout Sure Start is a comprehensive onboarding solution, designed to ensure that new hires not only start on their first day but also feel valued and engaged from the outset. Balancing both personal and digital touchpoints, Sure Start provides the support your new joiners need to keep them excited and help them become productive faster.