Contingent Workforce Solution Opens the Door to a $500K Cost Savings & a Total Talent Solution

MSP for Manufacturing

Contingent Workforce Solution Opens the Door to a $500K Cost Savings & a Total Talent Solution

PeopleScout helped a leading door and window manufacturer achieve a $500K cost savings within twelve months of launching an effective MSP program. Plus, PeopleScout introduced Recruiter On-Demand™ to support an increase in demand for permanent recruitment, as part of a total talent solution.

1,500 Annual contingent hires
500,000 Dollars in cost savings in the first year
250 Full-time hires over 11 months


PeopleScout has partnered with this door and window manufacturer since 2017, providing Managed Service Provider (MSP) support for contingent talent solutions in the areas of light industrial, technology and professional roles. Initially, PeopleScout supported locations in the U.S. only, but in 2021 expanded into Canada, playing a key role in supplier vetting, contract negotiations, data collection and manager and supplier trainings.  

The organization was also having challenges filling full-time roles, providing the opportunity for PeopleScout to supplement their contingent staffing support with our Recruiter On-Demand™ solution.


Over the course of this partnership, PeopleScout’s MSP team has made several technology and process improvements, including a vendor management system (VMS) transition, streamlined documentation requirements, a new approach for managing and improving supplier performance, and a candidate experience assessment.

The team also collaborated with PeopleScout’s Recruiter On-Demand™ (ROD) team to conduct a discovery session to understand the primary areas of increasing demand for full-time roles. Together, the teams developed and implemented an ROD strategy, focused on ten primary locations. The ROD solution included a daily applicant tracker for client visibility into the talent pipeline, and marketing and employer brand support. PeopleScout’s recruiters sourced qualified candidates, who were then interviewed by the client’s hiring managers.

The candidate experience assessment, conducted by PeopleScout’s technical solutions architects, identified opportunities to improve the look and feel of the organization’s careers site, particularly to appeal more to full-time candidates.


The updates PeopleScout has made to the client’s technology and documentation processes have eliminated administrative burdens on both suppliers and hiring managers. The MSP solution achieved cost savings of more than $500,000 in the first year alone.

PeopleScout also seamlessly integrated a Recruiter-On-Demand™ program to support full-time hiring needs, as part of a total talent solution for the door and window manufacturer. The ROD program generated 250 hires over just 11 months across the selected 10 locations.

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Door and Window Manufacturer
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Program, Total Talent
  • ANNUAL HIRES: 1,500 contingent hires and 250 full-time hires
  • LOCATIONS: U.S. and Canada