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Recruiter On-Demand™

Sometimes even the best teams need reinforcement. PeopleScout’s innovative and thoughtfully designed Recruiter On-Demand™ is an ideal solution for clients with unique and varying business schedules or productivity demands. The Recruiter On-Demand™ package features flexible recruitment teams that quickly extend the reach of an in-house human resources department but may also be easily disengaged once a client fulfills its business objectives. PeopleScout’s unique yet deeply experienced Recruiter On-Demand™ is perfect for clients who work in fluctuating markets or who face business spikes.

Flexible and highly scalable, the Recruiter On-Demand™ service offering rivals the capabilities and costs of traditional agencies. Recruiter On-Demand™ is just one more option that PeopleScout provides for clients who wish to grow and elevate their business.

With Recruiter On-Demand™, PeopleScout:

  • Takes time to thoroughly understand the clients’ goals and vision
  • Trains recruiters according to the clients’ hiring guidelines
  • Extends scope of the clients’ hiring process
  • Employs recruiters with a minimum of 5 years of industry aligned experience
  • Meets and exceeds rapid recruiter deployment schedules
  • Rapidly disengages recruiters once our clients have fulfilled their business objectives
  • Provides oversight to ensure consistent execution of our clients’ mission, vision and values

What Makes Our Contract Recruitment Solution Different?

Operations Manager Oversight

  • Single point of contact aligned to key stakeholders
  • Real-time transparent partnership closely monitoring recruiter performance
  • Empowered to quickly solve resource or strategy challenges

Experienced Resources

  • Top talent recruiters with a minimum of 5-7 years of experience
  • Aligned by skill and marketing challenge vs. cost and availability
  • Leverage recruiter network and relationships with top talent in the industry

Real-Time Workforce Analytics

  • Analytics on candidate marketplace and recruiting landscape
  • Clear insights into hiring trends and expectation setting with hiring manager
  • Detailed weekly tracking of recruiting and overall pipelining activity

Case Studies

Due to teams of specialized recruitment experts, a robust RPO technology portfolio and a best-in-class service model, PeopleScout consistently yields powerful results for its clients. Read our case studies to learn more about PeopleScout’s unique approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. These studies illustrate the unique value add that the Recruiter On-Demand™ solution offers. Click here to read all of our case studies.

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