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Customized Service Levels

All RPO services are customized for each client according to their HR goals and Key Performance Indicators, thereby guaranteeing that PeopleScout’s clients receive qualified hires that are necessary for success.

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The Benefits of RPO

PeopleScout RPO services significantly increase the number of qualified hires while simultaneously lowering hiring costs, reducing fill time, and decreasing stress on in-house human resources teams.

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Industry Experience & Expertise

PeopleScout has experience in nearly every industry category. Our niche expertise is in financial services, aviation, food manufacturing, hospitality, communications and environmental services.

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Next Level™ Candidate Care

Next Level™ is a proprietary candidate care solution, designed by PeopleScout, ensuring the highest caliber of support for applicants throughout all phases of the hiring process.

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Customized RPO Solutions for Optimized Talent Acquisition and Sustainable Results

PeopleScout is among the world’s largest RPO providers, helping our clients make more than 300,000 hires each year across 70 countries worldwide. We serve clients with annual hiring needs from approximately 300 to 30,000+, across both exempt and non-exempt roles and a wide range of industries.

Why RPO?

RPO programs provide high-volume talent acquisition services for professional and non-professional positions that solve compliance, scalability, cost, quality or other recruiting challenges. Our RPO solutions have a strong focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process.

PeopleScout’s custom RPO solutions include:

  • Recruiter On-Demand: Flexible, on-demand contract recruiting services provide support during challenging periods of the recruitment cycle.
  • Project Based RPO: Supplement your internal team during times of need.
  • Partial Cycle RPO: Implementation of specific recruiting process steps, laser focused on critical components of your talent acquisition process.
  • Full Cycle RPO: All-encompassing, full cycle recruiting for hiring within targeted business areas, geographic locations or niche demands.
  • Enterprise RPO: Management of the complete end-to-end recruitment processes for all business areas, including consultation and oversight of the entire talent acquisition strategy.
  • Total Workforce Solutions: These solutions blend Managed Service Provider (MSP) with RPO capabilities in one integrated program to increase efficiency and visibility into your talent acquisition program.

RPO Programs Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Trends

  • Employer branding: RPO programs play a crucial role in employer brand positioning and candidate experience, and can assist with strategic talent consulting and long-term workforce planning.
  • Demand for data: RPOs help buyers increase online access to program analytics, workforce planning and labor market data to boost visibility into relevant market dynamics.
  • Globalization: The global RPO market will help companies that require the flexibility to access talent from different geographies.

Why Choose PeopleScout as your RPO Provider?

  • We make it easy for companies to hire efficiently, meet their businesses demands for growth, reduce cost, and improve visibility into their overall workforce spend.
  • Our highly scalable model meets your fluctuating hiring needs, drives candidate quality and increases employee retention
  • Our in-depth, multi-tiered implementation process provides you with a seamless transition to our RPO program.
  • For more than 25 years, our customized RPO programs have been creating positive and sustainable business impact and reduced risk for our clients.


Every team is different. We would be delighted to discuss your specific talent acquisition needs. Please get in touch.

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Featured White Paper
The Globalization of RPO

RPO markets are emerging all over the world, presenting diverse conditions and creating a serious challenge for global providers. A global RPO presence requires careful consideration of multiple variables such as market maturity, compliance, cultural differences, complex client needs, language barriers and more. Many RPO providers will see limited success with a “one-size-fits-all” RPO solution, but proactive planning can create a solid RPO foundation in various regions.

The latest White Paper from PeopleScout creates an understanding of global RPO and demonstrates that an investigation of RPO markets, combined with common solutions, can put an RPO provider on the fast track to global success.

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