Talking Talent: Talent Acquisition in 2021: How Talent Leaders are Planning for the Great Rehire

In our first episode of 2021, we’re looking ahead at the new year. It’s one talent leaders are facing with a mix of hope and continued uncertainty. We expect the vaccine distribution, economic recovery and more changes to the way we work. But as we’ve seen in 2020, there will be issues and challenges we can’t predict.

One phrase you’ve probably started to hear is “the great rehire.” We know it’s coming. We have some idea of what it will look like, and we know that talent leaders need to prepare.

Joining us to talk about what that great rehire will look like is PeopleScout President Brannon Lacey.

In this episode, Brannon talks about the biggest issues facing talent leaders and the role HR outsourcing, like RPO, MSP and total workforce solutions, will play in the upcoming recovery.

Right now, according to SIA, 83% of all deals are still RPO only and 7% are blended RPO and MSP. Brannon discusses how these numbers fit into the discussion of total workforce solutions.

He also digs into the future of talent programs–sharing insights about talent technology and the biggest tech priorities of PeopleScout clients.

Looking at recent jobs numbers, Brannon explains what the disproportionate job losses in 2020 among women and people of color mean for ongoing discussions of diversity and inclusion.

Listen now for Brannon’s biggest take aways for 2021.

Post by Nicole Fuqua