New PeopleScout Study Reveals the Best Entry-Level Jobs for People Who Want to Change Careers

February 18, 2021

Study identifies the entry-level jobs with the highest numbers of current openings

Chicago – February 18, 2021 – PeopleScout identifies the best entry-entry level positions for the millions of out-of-work Americans looking to change careers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For those looking for a new career, PeopleScout has analyzed millions of full-time job postings to identify the jobs and industries that are hiring entry level workers now. All roles on this list require 0-2 years of experience, though some require specific certifications or degrees. PeopleScout’s analysis also shows that demand for these roles is growing.

Drivers of heavy and tractor-trailer trucks make up the largest number of current job openings, followed closely by a large number of roles in the medical field. Customer service, technology, banking and accounting, and human resources positions also were among the top jobs available.

“At PeopleScout, we know workers, particularly from the leisure and hospitality sector, have been hit hard by the pandemic,” said PeopleScout President Brannon Lacey. “Recent surveys have shown that more than half of unemployed workers are looking to change careers. This study identifies the types of entry-level positions with the most open jobs today. We know that some workers are looking to bring their existing skillsets into new roles immediately, while others are looking to obtain additional education or certifications. Our analysis shows there are opportunities for both types of workers.”

This PeopleScout study examined more than 3.8 million full-time, entry-level jobs posted since November 2020. This study is intended to help workers who are looking to shift careers identify the best opportunities.

The full list of jobs includes:

  1. Drivers (Includes drivers of heavy and tractor-trailer trucks, light trucks and passenger vehicles)
  2. Medical workers (Includes nurses, respiratory therapists, medical and health services managers, medical assistants, lab technicians, home healthcare aids, physical therapists and pharmacy techs)
  3. Maintenance and repair workers
  4. Customer service representatives
  5. Technology workers (Includes software developers, computer user support specialists, network and computer systems administrators, computer systems analysts and information security analysts)
  6. Stockers and order fillers
  7. Sales representatives and managers
  8. Secretaries and administrative assistants
  9. Banking and accounting positions (Includes accountants and auditors, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks, financial managers, loan officers and financial investment analysts)
  10. Human resources specialists

For those looking to change careers, PeopleScout recommends refreshing your resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight skills and experience that translate to your desired new career.

Unemployed workers can also find job training in their areas through the American Job Center Network. Workers who were laid off may be eligible for training services through the Dislocated Worker program through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Those who qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food benefits may also qualify for SNAP Employment & Training programs.

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