Compliance Corner: HR Compliance Trends for 2018

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Explosive regulation at the state and local level, coupled with increased employment class-action litigation, is creating extraordinary risk for employers.

In addition to the proliferation of local minimum wage, sick leave and background check rules, there are new regulatory frameworks for employee scheduling, pay equity, drug testing and paid leave.

These regulations create significant administrative challenges and new risks, as the patchwork of legislation may be inconsistent or contradictory, and multiple policies for a single employer may be required.

Failing to keep up with this rapidly changing landscape can lead to catastrophic consequences. The top 10 settlements in various employment-related class-action cases totaled $2.72 billion in 2017, an increase of over $970 million from 2016. Similarly, the top 10 government enforcement actions settled for $485.25 million in 2017, up drastically from $52.3 million in 2016.

Our team of employment attorneys and experts closely monitor these issues to ensure that we at PeopleScout and our clients are ahead of the curve. This ebook is designed to help you understand the biggest employment compliance trends and what they mean for you in 2018.

Learn about these compliance trends:

  1. Ban the box
  2. Paid sick leave
  3. Medical and recreational marijuana
  4. Arbitration agreements with class-action waivers
  5. Salary history
  6. Predictive scheduling
  7. Accommodations for pregnant and nursing employees
  8. Regulatory protections for gig workers
  9. Harassment training

Download our ebook, HR Compliance Trends for 2018

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Post by Nicole Fuqua