PeopleScout featured in Ready to Work Business Collaborative Webinar on Inclusive Recruiting

February 13, 2018

PeopleScout’s global leader of growth and strategy, Mike Yinger served as an expert panelist in the Ready to Work Business Collaborative webinar “Robust Recruiting: Ruling In, Not Out: How To Train Your Talent Acquisition Team To Advocate For Both Your Business And Your Candidates” in February.

The webinar explored different ways to ensure an inclusive recruiting process, including the use of assessments, AI technology and building an inclusive recruiting team.

Joan Andrews, a program specialist with the Ready To Work Business Collaborative, moderated the panel, which also included Paul McDonald, Sr. Executive Director at Robert Half, Ravi Subramanian, Talent Acquisition & Mobility at PG&E, and Herrick Ross, Global Talent Acquisition, Military Recruiting at Starbucks.

The panelists discussed how the tight talent market is encouraging employers to look at new pools of candidates, and for many employers, assessments can help determine if a candidate will be successful in a role. Assessments can be particularly useful if employers are looking at candidates with different backgrounds than they’ve traditionally hired.

Yinger spoke about PeopleScout’s mix of technology and how to manage bias by combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise. Yinger said PeopleScout constantly checks its recruiting technology to ensure that AI isn’t discriminating against candidates. He described the process as “trust but verify.”

Yinger also shared that PeopleScout works with clients on a variety of diversity hiring programs with a variety of goals. To help clients meet those goals, Yinger says PeopleScout develops a diverse recruiting team, so that candidates have the opportunity to work with a recruiter who understands their background.

“From the highest levels of the organization, we look at social responsibility as a critical element of the ecosystem that we’re in,” Yinger said.
PeopleScout joined the Ready to Work Business Collaborative in January 2017. The Ready to Work Business Collaborative (RTWBC) is a non-partisan initiative to help employers achieve their goals by hiring highly capable candidates, including the long-term unemployed and veterans, who may have been inadvertently overlooked in traditional recruitment.