PeopleScout Featured in HRO Today Global’s Spring 2017 Issue

May 1, 2017

PeopleScout is featured in HRO Today Global’s Spring 2017 issue in the article Now Trending. The article quotes Nicole Cook, managing director of Australia and New Zealand for PeopleScout in APAC, and focuses on how technology will continue to develop and play a large role in workforce management in Asia.

The article states, “Technology and HR process automation are constantly growing and improving across the globe, and this is a main trend that HR executives based in Asia need to be looking at for 2017 and beyond. The impact of tech on workforce management is great – as nearly every type of work-related function in moving to digital – and HR teams have to keep up.”

Technology allows companies to take data from the pre- and post-recruitment process and merge it with business process information to help companies predict how to access best talent through analytical tools and algorithms.

“For clients that have been able to capture relevant HR metrics, we are seeing a trend in tying this data to financial results, by being able to predict desired outcomes and modifying process to get the results they need,” Cook says.

Another key technology trend in the past year is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the HR space.

“AI is only beginning to take off in our industry, but I believe there will be uses of AI within HR disciplines in APAC within the next six to nine months,” Cook predicts.

Finally, Cook shares thoughts on tools that will make workforce management easier.

“Many of our clients are going through a transformation to streamline HR processes, using integrated technology platforms to better engage and retain their employees,” Cook says. “If HR leaders haven’t started to innovate their HR function and instead remain caught in old processes, they will eventually lose out on top talent.”

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