How to Identify a Military Friendly Company

How to Identify a Military Friendly Company

When thinking of a military-friendly company, one may ask, what exactly is a military-friendly company? It’s the standard that measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefits for the military community.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the military community refers to the people who serve, serve alongside or served: active duty, guard, reserve, military spouses and veterans. These are the people many companies recognize and value. Military-friendly companies value the leadership, reliability, “can-do” attitude, motivation, commitment/discipline, training, work ethic and adaptability. And because employers recognize and value these traits, they provide job training, implement internal veteran/mentorship programs, reintegration support and education and often, partnerships and investments in support of our nation’s military community.

One of the most useful resources to use when in search of a military-friendly company is the list of the Military Friendly Employers and Military Friendly Spouse Employers that can be found on In this annual data, thousands of companies and federal contractors nationwide must have hired military veterans within the last 12 months and complete an exhaustive survey with more than 90 questions to participate.

Another useful resource is G.I. Jobs (which also publishes an annual list of the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers). G.I. Jobs lists sponsored employers that are ready to hire veterans and military spouses. While it may not list all military-friendly employers, it contains a handful that would be a great start. By visiting the G.I. Jobs website, you will be allowed to search by military job title, code, company, title, location and more.

A military-friendly company would be one that is committed to matching every veteran with a role that best fits the skills they acquired while in the military. Typically, what an employer would do, is align the work you performed in the military to a similar job within the company. This would allow for you to have a comfortable, smooth transition into your new role.

More often than not, a military-friendly company has developed partnerships and investments in support of our nation’s military community. This is an employer that has an ongoing commitment to veteran-related causes. To see if a company is involved in any veteran-related causes visit their website. Typically, they will have a landing page devoted explicitly to veterans which will then furthermore explain their commitment to veterans.

To identify more military-friendly employers, join groups on LinkedIn specific to military-friendly employers (by using the list from Military Friendly) and industries of interest. If you attend a college or university, ask their veteran affairs office. Conduct Google, Indeed, or Simply Hired searches. If you’ve graduated college, you may also look at your alumni associations for leaders in the industries that you are interested in or are seeking military professionals.

As a veteran, it is essential to identify these military companies because we are looking for a smooth transition. So. Why choose a military-friendly employer? Simple. Because a military-friendly designation creates a better work environment and lifestyle for the military community. That’s good for veterans, good for their families, the organizations and good for America.