PeopleScout Managing Director of ANZ Featured in Shortlist Talent

May 29, 2018

Nicole Cook, managing director for PeopleScout in ANZ, and James Henness, head of business solutions and technology accounts in ANZ, were both interviewed for the recent article “Hiring Managers in Need of Talent Reality Check” in Shortlist Talent. An excerpt of the article is below. This excerpt has been reproduced with permission from The full article appears here.

Hiring Managers in Need of Talent Reality Check

Volumes of discourse about the future of work and the need to think more broadly about skills matching is yet to have much impact on hiring managers, the local head of a global RPO provider says.

In many organisations hiring managers are still holding out for talent that meets set criteria and not understanding that the ideal candidates aren’t available at the rate of pay on offer, says PeopleScout ANZ managing director Nicole Cook.

The battle for recruiters is to highlight relatable skills, and “opening the minds of hiring managers to know the difference,” she told Shortlist.

Anecdotally, she says this issue extends to the upper tiers of the recruitment market, as even senior-level candidates struggle to gain traction despite peak demand for senior and executive positions.

“How can you hear the market is really hot for senior talent and yet you’ve got these really good people saying, ‘they’re telling me my skills don’t translate?'”