[On-Demand] Ready-To-Go RPO: Introducing Peoplescout Accelerate

Unpredictable hiring peaks. Talent gaps. Lack of insight. We know organizations are struggling to hire talent and stay agile while facing these challenges in today’s tumultuous market. 

That’s why we’ve developed PeopleScout Accelerate—to optimize your recruitment funnel, enhance your candidate experience, maximize ROI and ensure your workforce success—now and into the future.

PeopleScout Accelerate is a tech-powered, ready-to-go recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution that combines PeopleScout’s deep recruitment expertise and a pre-configured Affinix™ talent acquisition technology suite—implemented in just two weeks.

In this Talking Talent webinar, PeopleScout Senior Vice President of Business Development Jessie McGowan and Vice President of Global Product and Implementation, Mark Fita, take a deep dive into what PeopleScout Accelerate can do for you. Jessie and Mark dig into how you can leverage PeopleScout Accelerate, specific use cases and its benefits, including:

  • Faster Time-to-Value
    Accelerate your ROI. Amplify your agility. This stress-free RPO engagement is ready to deliver the right talent in just two weeks.

  • A Recruitment Experience Your Candidates Will Love
    A pre-configured Affinix recruitment tech stack powers a modern, consumer-like journey that candidates have come to expect.

  • Recruitment Experts on Your Side
    With over 30 years of industry expertise, we provide know-how and market insights to augment your team and bring your talent acquisition program to the next level.

Ready-to-Go RPO: Introducing PeopleScout Accelerate is available on-demand now.