Talking Talent: How Many Requisitions Should a Recruiter Carry?

In this episode, we talk about a question that most employers ask – how many requisitions should a recruiter carry?

Unemployment in the U.S. is at the lowest level in decades while hiring is at record highs. This means that for nearly all roles, the competition for talent is intense. So, talent acquisition teams have more jobs to fill – and they’re harder than ever to fill. HR leaders and recruiting teams are under intense pressure. Given this reality – how many requisitions should recruiters be carrying? At what point should an HR leader make the case to add more recruiters? What’s the downside of a requisition load that includes too many – or too few?

To answer these questions – joining us on this episode are Linda Brenner and Tom McGuire, the co-founders and managing directors of Talent Growth Advisors. TGA is not your traditional consulting shop. They provide a mashup of finance and talent management expertise to clients including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Delta and more.

Linda leads client success efforts for Talent Growth Advisors – and gets personally involved in talent strategy design,talent acquisition process improvement work and recruiter skills assessment and development. Prior to starting an earlier iteration of the firm in 2004, Linda led operations, talent acquisition and talent management teams for Gap, Pepsi and Home Depot.

Tom helps the firm’s clients connect business value, intellectual capital and talent so they can make smarter people investments. Prior to co-founding TGA, Tom led global talent acquisition for Coca-Cola for 10 years. He left Coke to become CFO and then International President of Revlon. At the beginning of his career, Tom volunteered with the Peace Corps in El Salvador.

You can learn more on the Talent Growth Advisors website and access their recruiter workload calculator mentioned in the episode here.

Post by Nicole Fuqua