Talking Talent: Using Robotic Process Automation to Streamline Recruiting Processes

In this episode of Talking Talent, we’re talking about robotic process automation, also known as RPA, and how it can be used to streamline recruiting processes.

Our guest is Chad Getchell, leader of innovation at PeopleScout. Chad has been with the company since the start of the year and has project ownership responsibilities for AffinixTM. Affinix is a mobile-first, cloud-based platform that creates a consumer-like candidate experience and streamlines the sourcing process.

Robotic process automation refers to technology that utilizes bots to replicate human actions for time-consuming but straightforward back-office administrative tasks. RPA software allows users to configure bots to collect data, trigger responses and communicate with other business systems. RPA software integrates with existing tools, so it does not require a complete update of a legacy system; rather, RPA acts as a supplemental enhancement. RPA applications can handle automations that range from a simple task such as automated email responses to managing thousands of bots that complete individual tasks.

For organizations looking to optimize their recruiting, RPA software can provide time savings, increase recruiting accuracy and help reduce bias in the recruiting process. RPA technology can also be utilized for high-level repetitive tasks such as candidate and resume screening. RPA systems can work every hour of every day to source, screen and organize candidates. This gives recruiters more time to establish a more consultative relationship with clients and better engage candidates in a personal one-on-one relationship.

In the podcast, Chad talks about how RPA can be used in the sourcing process and to improve the candidate experience. He digs into common challenges employers face as they deploy RPA solutions and what to look for in an RPA partner. Additionally, Chad shares how RPA is integrated into PeopleScout’s Affinix technology.

Post by Nicole Fuqua