Talent Attraction in the Building and Construction Industry in Australia

Talent Attraction in the Building and Construction Industry in Australia

PeopleScout has over 10 years of experience working in partnership with our clients in the building and construction sector. Our Australian footprint covers metropolitan, regional and remote locations supporting multi-national clients with varied requirements including:

  • National infrastructure and transport projects
  • Property development
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote site construction
  • Building and construction materials distribution
  • Renewable energy development

PeopleScout is an end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider delivering strategic talent acquisition solutions across the building and construction sector. Our deep understanding and insight led approach to the delivery of project-based workforces will allow us to transform your approach to talent acquisition. We can partner with your existing team or deliver standalone projects to provide surge capacity and allow you to gain the competitive edge in the acquisition of talent.

The Talent Attraction Recipe for Success

The building and construction industry has weathered an incredible amount of change and challenges over the past decade and PeopleScout has been a trusted and strategic talent partner with a number of tier 1 and tier 2 industry leaders throughout this period, taking on lessons and continually refining our process. Over this time there are a few standout learnings we can share which have made a major impact on securing talent in this sector.

Industry Insights – Project Driven Forecasting for Balancing Skilled Labour

We have developed a deep understand of project-based recruitment across the building and construction industry, which includes the development of candidate source and attraction strategies aligned to project cycle and location. PeopleScout recruitment teams is involved from the bid stage of our client’s major infrastructure projects which allows us to start forecasting when the demand for certain skill sets is due to pick up and when there will be available workers ready to start planning for their next engagement.  

Workforce Partnership Planning – Forecast Planning

We partner closely with our clients to workforce plan against their project pipeline and the phases of the projects currently in play. One of the most impactful workforce planning tools is the forward mapping of your internal and external pipeline talent pools to your client’s future workforce requirements. PeopleScout’s CRM technology, Springboard allows our team to proactively manage our talent pools and keep them informed of opportunities on the horizon. Springboard helps our team to keep talent engaged with our clients and facilitates a seamless application, screening and onboarding process to ensure we maintain momentum with our talent and have them ready to start as soon as a project receives the green light.  

Employer Value Proposition – Including Community Engagement

Construction projects do not happen in isolation from the community they operate within and leveraging your EVP to build your brand within the local community is an integral sourcing strategy for this sector. Even more so when the projects you are sourcing for are based in regional and remote locations. PeopleScout works with our innovative Talent Advisory team to design sourcing campaigns that will resonate with the local communities our clients are working within. Our recruitment teams work directly with community groups, educational institutions, and industry partners to promote local pathways to work and support the diverse needs of our communities.

Talent Sourcing Insights

PeopleScout is an insights-led business, we use the data gathered via our business intelligence platform Springboard to analyse every aspect of the recruitment process both retrospectively and in real-time to ensure our campaigns are as effective as possible. Our insights tool interfaces with all the leading ATS platforms used by our clients and is fully integrated with our proprietary Talent Solution technology – Springboard. which allows your teams:

  • Access the real-time ROI on advertising and social media campaigns allowing your team to immediately pivot from avenues that are not yielding results and ramp up investing into the strategies delivering the greatest impact.
  • Access data analytics has been instrumental in achieving our client’s diversity goals; we enable your team will monitor the progress of applicants throughout the recruitment process and our data analytics will identify any key dropout points in the process. The PeopleScout team will assess what is causing applicants from certain demographics, to not proceed with the application and redesign the application process to stop this in its tracks.
  • Access to a dedicated talent insights team who conducts candidate market deep dives, to understand what the candidates career motivators are and where the best talent is for your organisation. We use these Market Benchmark Insights to develop candidate personas which we validate and use to design our go-to-market strategy.

As an example, PeopleScout partnered with a client, who is a leader in technology, industry, infrastructure and transport for over 11 years. Our solution features an onsite strategic sourcing business partner whose role is to source the hard-to-fill positions and provide overflow recruitment capability for the in-house team.

The Result?

PeopleScout is one of the leading outsource talent partners in the building and construction sector. We have over 10-year knowledge on how to support clients in the mobilise workforces for major infrastructure projects across ANZ. If your current talent solution is not meeting the demands of your project pipeline, PeopleScout as the technology, skills and experience to transform your talent acquisition team. The outcome of which will be a strategic function aligned to project and workforce needs. that decreases time to mobilise and provides you the competitive advantage you need in a tight talent market.