Talking Talent: Talent Technology for 2021

In this episode of Talking Talent, we’re continuing our look at 2021 and what it holds for talent leaders. This time, we’re looking at technology.

We know that talent tech is going to play a large role in the upcoming recovery, and employers that implement and use the right technology are going to have an advantage.

So, what are the biggest technology opportunities for 2021? And what has the past year changed about our relationship with technology?

Joining us to talk about these questions is Anna Turner, PeopleScout’s new Vice President of Product. Anna is responsible for leading the vision, strategy and roadmap for PeopleScout’s product and service portfolio.

Anna joins PeopleScout from HR software and payroll solutions provider UKG—formerly Ultimate Software. At UKG, Anna was responsible for product development strategy, delivering new features and products to the market, and setting organizational practices and standards for product excellence.

She has deep B2B software product management leadership experience, with previous roles at high-growth tech companies, and she is also a recognized expert on HR technology, serving on the national SHRM expertise panel for Technology and HR Management since 2016.

In this episode, Anna talks about the biggest challenges and opportunities in talent technology over the upcoming year, including the role tech will play in the upcoming “great rehire,” how our growing comfort with new technologies will impact talent acquisition going forward and ways the technology landscape will continue to evolve.

Post by Nicole Fuqua