HR Tech Outlook Names PeopleScout a Top 10 Recruitment Software Provider

December 28, 2015

Company Also Featured as December’s Issue Cover Story, “PeopleScout: Realigning the Pillars of the RPO Industry”

Chicago, IL – December 28, 2015 – HR Tech Outlook, a magazine that monitors today’s trends in HR technology solutions, has ranked PeopleScout as a Top 10 Recruitment Software Provider in its December 2015 issue. A distinguished panel including CEOs, venture capitalists, chief information officers, analysts, human resource specialists and the magazine’s editorial board chose providers with the capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions “that add value to the HR landscape.”

PeopleScout is also the subject of the issue’s cover story, “PeopleScout: Realigning the Pillars of the RPO Industry.”  The article provides insight from PeopleScout on the company’s RPO solutions, including the technology that led it to being honored by the magazine as a top source of recruitment software solutions.

Jane Hussey, Managing Director of PeopleScout’s Australia and New Zealand region, says a primary reason PeopleScout was chosen by HR Tech Outlook is Springboard, the company’s proprietary applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

“Springboard is a unique offering and it dramatically improves the efficiency of our clients’ overall recruitment process,” Hussey said.  “It’s customizable to meet changing client needs and has a rich set of features that make it extremely valuable as an all-in-one recruitment tool for sourcing, processing, and onboarding candidates. It also provides efficient solutions for human resource information systems, which makes Springboardone of the most versatile HR technology solutions available.”

Another reason for PeopleScout’s recognition from HR Tech Outlook is its Higher Insightsrecruitment analytics tool, which leverages big data received from the Springboard™ software, PeopleScout Senior Vice President Gerry Sullivan explained.

“Higher Insights has helped several of our clients pinpoint areas for improvement and quickly restructure specific roles in order to maximize business productivity,” Sullivan said.  “For example, the information gleaned through Higher Insights helped one of our clients in the travel and hospitality industry quickly restructure their crucial customer service roles and lower turnover by 30 percent. It also led to an 18 percent increase in sales productivity per associate.”

PeopleScout understands that technology has an important role in streamlining all recruitment processes. The development of recruitment technologies is one of the fastest growing trends in HR, and HR technology is currently providing the largest impact in RPO innovation.

“The ability to collect and analyze HR data is absolutely crucial to modern business,” said PeopleScout President Taryn Owen. “The talent pool is constantly shifting, and our technology solutions are constantly adapting in order to take our clients’ businesses to the next level.”
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About PeopleScout
PeopleScout, a TrueBlue Company, is a trusted global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider offering full service support in nearly every industry & skill vertical. Headquartered in Chicago, IL and Sydney, Australia, PeopleScout provides innovative RPO solutions including enterprise, full cycle, partial cycle & project RPO as well as Recruiter On-Demand™, a contract solution designed by PeopleScout.
PeopleScout’s suite of services also includes employer branding, mobile optimization, sourcing, interviewing, candidate care, onboarding, ATS & CRM/Talent Community & reporting & analytics through PeopleScout Higher Insights™ for fully customized solutions. PeopleScout helps its clients make tens of thousands hires annually across a variety of industries & skill sets & improves quality of hire for companies with exempt & non-exempt hiring needs worldwide.