PeopleScout featured as Veteran Hiring Expert

June 28, 2018

PeopleScout’s Military Relations Manager Carl Vickers was recently featured in the Ready to Work Business Collaborative (RTWBC) webinar “The Talent Advantage: Untapping your talent pipeline with a Veteran solution” to share his veteran hiring expertise.

Vickers was on a panel that included Jason Cameron of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Jim Beamesderfer of Prudential and Ed Parry of Workforce Opportunity Services. The panel covered a variety of veteran hiring issues including how to translate veteran skills to match those needed for private sector employment, what the talent landscape looks like for veteran candidates and the barriers that exist for military spouses who are looking for employment.

“Military spouses are eager to be part of the workforce,” Vickers said. “They are just a huge asset. They are overlooked. So, the conversation with the hiring manager starts by getting over that closed mind.”
Vickers also shared information about PeopleScout’s veteran hiring best practices, Veteran Talent Exchange and Veteran’s Corner blog. You can view the full webinar here.

Recently, Vickers also appeared as a guest on the Military Radio Network sharing tips for veterans transitioning to private sector employment. The Military Radio Network provides radio and podcast programs for current service members and veterans.

On the episode, Smoother Transitions for Military Families, Vickers gave advice about many of the options that military members consider after separating or retiring from the military including school, traditional employment, consulting careers and entrepreneurship and becoming a franchise owner. Vickers emphasized that the decision is important and personal for every transitioning servicemember.

Vickers says this is his biggest piece of advice for retiring servicemembers: “You’ve served for at least two decades doing what you felt you needed to do for your country. Now, you need to decide what you want to do.”

You can listen to the entire radio program here.