[Webinar On-Demand] AI in Recruiting: Hype, Ethics & Best Practices

AI in recruitment has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips lately. But while others were just talking, we were taking action helping our clients gain a competitive edge by leveraging AI to recruit smarter and more efficiently. At the same time, we didn’t just jump on the hype train. We dug deep to help employers grapple with crucial ethical questions around AI bias, privacy risks, and lack of human oversight when not implemented responsibly.

Join PeopleScout Director of Technical Solutions Architecture & Tech Implementation Chad Getchell and Sr. Implementation Training Manager Patti Woods in conversation as they separate fact from fiction for AI in recruitment and discuss the ethical implications for talent acquisition leaders. Whether you’re just starting to explore AI or already using it, this is a bite-sized 30-minute webinar to help you wade through the hype of responsible AI adoption.

In this webinar, Chad and Patti will tackle:

  • The Real State of AI in Recruiting: Cutting through the hype to understand AI’s current and future capabilities in talent acquisition
  • Ethical Implications: Exploring the risks of AI bias, privacy concerns, and lack of human agency if not implemented carefully
  • Getting Started with AI: Practical tip to help you evaluate and implement AI recruiting tools successfully in your organization

By attending this webinar, you’ll gain a 360-degree perspective on the benefits, risks, and ethical considerations surrounding AI, equipping you with a clear roadmap to navigate the world of AI in recruiting responsibly.


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