Webinar: Hype or Happening? What Our Data Tells Us About AI in Recruiting

We are bombarded with hype about the disruptive power of Generative AI, or Gen AI, on recruitment, including doom-laden, worst-case scenario predictions and claims that our existing talent assessment methods are already obsolete.

It is hard to make sense of all this to come to informed decisions about how we should respond to the new era of Gen AI. Much of what we see and hear is based on opinions, and the research reported focuses on the potential to disrupt rather than revealing the reality of what is actually happening right now.

At PeopleScout, we have responded to this confusion and lack of useful evidence by doing our own research. We wanted to look for evidence of real use cases and impact of Gen AI on job changers and live assessments—and what we found shines a different light on how candidates are using Gen AI in the real world.


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