[On-Demand] Enhancing Candidate Experience: Proven Tactics for Personalization and Inclusivity

This enlightening session with PeopleScout and Meet & Engage discussed the secrets of successfully crafting an unforgettable candidate experience.

Register now to delve into the topics of:

  • Creating personalised experiences.
  • Meeting the needs of under-represented groups.
  • Ensuring you give value to your candidates.
  • Measuring impact the right way.

Our expert panel, featuring leaders from two of the most progressive employers – Lloyds Banking Group and EDI – shared fresh insights and their view on the future of candidate experience.

We give you the ultimate edge in today’s competitive candidate market, by drawing on our latest research and case studies.

This is an essential session for anyone looking to enhance their candidate experience and shift the dial on DE&I, whether you’re just starting your journey or seeking to revolutionise your approach.

You’ll get:

  • Expert insights from leading practitioners.
  • Key findings from PeopleScout’s research on what’s most important in today’s candidate market.
  • Insights and case studies from Meet & Engage showing what works well and why.
  • Practical next steps you can easily implement.