Women in Leadership: What it Means to Lead in 2021

This episode of Talking Talent was created in honor of International Women’s Day, March 8.

We all know that the past year has been tough, and it’s been especially tough for women in the workforce. Job losses have disproportionally impacted women, and women typically handle the lion’s share of the work at home – something that gets multiplied once you add lockdowns and homeschooling into the mix.

But we also know that female leaders across the globe have a wealth of knowledge – lessons they learned throughout their career, lessons they’re learning now and advice for other women in the workforce.

We reached out to our diverse group of female leaders at PeopleScout. We heard from women from all around the world and at all levels of the company – from executive leaders to team leaders and managers – about what it means to be a woman in leadership in 2021, how they got there and how to create work environments where even more women can succeed.

You’ll hear a lot of voices in this episode and a variety of perspectives. But the one thing that ties them together is leadership.

Post by Nicole Fuqua