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Talent Acquisition Technology

PeopleScout’s Proprietary Talent Technology Platform, Affinix, Wins the 2018 HRO Today TekTonic Award for Candidate Experience

“In a crowded talent technology landscape, PeopleScout’s Affinix stands out from the field by curating the leading technology tools in the space. We selected Affinix for this year’s TekTonic award because it transforms every step of the application process for everyone involved – from the candidate to the recruiter and the hiring manager.”
– Debbie Bolla, editorial director and editor-in-chief of HRO Today Magazine

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PeopleScout’s Affinix Wins Top Award for Best Advance in RPO Technology

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Affinix™ Talent Acquisition Technology by PeopleScout

Right now at PeopleScout, we are building NEXT. What’s next? The next generation of talent technology designed to propel our clients’ talent acquisition capabilities into the future. Affinix is a mobile-first, cloud-based platform that creates a consumer-like candidate experience and streamlines the sourcing process. Embedded within PeopleScout’s talent solutions, Affinix delivers speed and scalability while leveraging artificial intelligence, recruitment marketing, machine learning, predictive analytics and other emerging technology with one point ATS and VMS integration and single sign-on.


The Demand for an AI-Enabled and Consumer-Like Candidate Experience


Candidates expect mobile compatibility. 89 percent of candidates think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process.


Candidates expect the process to be fast. Online applications with 45 or more questions have an abandonment rate of nearly 90 percent.


Candidates expect personalization. In one survey, 87 percent of people said personally relevant content improves how they feel about a brand.


Candidates have new expectations. 82 percent of candidates report that the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix between innovative tech and personal, human interaction.

Talent Acquisition Technology

The Crossroads of Talent and Technology

Affinix brings together artificial intelligence, recruitment marketing, machine learning and people skills – the total package when it comes to talent sourcing and engagement. Affinix is continuously evolving to make the end-to-end process seamless for the candidate. Sourcing, ranking, mobile outreach, video interviews – the list goes on. And don’t worry – Affinix easily integrates with existing applicant tracking and vendor management systems.
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Elevating your Talent Acquisition Capabilities with Cutting Edge Recruitment Technology


Affinix AI Talent Acquisition Technology Provides Hyper-Personalized Experience

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Build a Better Pipeline with PeopleScout’s Recruitment Marketing Solutions

PeopleScout builds and nurtures quality candidate pipelines with personalized job recommendations and content catered specifically to them.


Streamlining the Sourcing Process with Advanced Recruitment Technology

Embedded within PeopleScout’s talent solutions, Affinix delivers speed and scalability while leveraging artificial intelligence, recruitment marketing, machine learning, predictive analytics and other emerging technologies to guide candidates through the application process. Using Affinix, PeopleScout streamlines the sourcing process by engaging with candidates through the web, mobile platforms or social media channels.
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Affinix™ Analytics

Leveraging predictive analytics to deliver powerful insights

  • Improve hiring speed and accuracy

  • Monitor trends

  • Predict Cultural Fit

  • Understand top talent behaviors

  • Review performance

  • Assess key indicators via dashboards

Your Talent Partner from Now to Next

As the world’s largest RPO provider, PeopleScout offers solutions spanning more than 70 countries with end-to-end MSP capabilities supporting your total workforce needs. With our scale comes insight driven by data gleaned from engaging millions of candidates and contingent associates every year. PeopleScout is your strategic partner providing the people, process, insight and technology your company needs to succeed in today’s talent environment. At PeopleScout, thousands of forward-looking talent professionals consistently deliver now… as we anticipate what’s next.

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Not sure what’s next? Tell us about your talent acquisition goals.
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