Everest Group Report: PeopleScout Acquires TMP Holdings LTD – Another Stride Forward in the Quest for Global RPO Play

June 27, 2018

Industry analyst Everest Group issued a favorable briefing on the implications of PeopleScout’s strategic acquisition of TMP Holdings LTD.

PeopleScout’s TMP acquisition achieved two primary objectives. First, it expanded PeopleScout’s global RPO capabilities and EMEA client base, team and operations. Second, the acquisition created a powerful talent advisory offering for PeopleScout’s global client base comprised of a broad array of services, including employer branding, recruitment marketing, assessment services and talent acquisition strategy.

In addition to expanding our global footprint, Everest noted that TMP offers innovative and compelling services around employer branding and talent communities, which they expect will create many synergies and complementary capabilities. In particular, Everest predicts that employer branding and other value-added services will be strengthened as a key practice.

Everest Group reports that:

“With the 2016 acquisition of Aon Hewitt’s RPO business, PeopleScout emerged as the largest RPO provider globally (based on the volume of hires managed as part of the RPO portfolio. The current acquisition will help PeopleScout in two significant ways:

  • It will bolster PeopleScout’s presence in the UK and the broader EMEA region, a region where PeopleScout currently lacks significant presence.
  • It will further expand PeopleScout’s product offerings/services portfolio, particularly that of value-added services, by strengthening its employer branding practice.

By and large, this acquisition is set to offer the momentum PeopleScout needs to emerge as a strong global player with a large footprint and considerable capabilities across geographies.”

Read more of the analysis from Everest Group on the PeopleScout TMP acquisition here: PeopleScout Acquires TMP Holdings LTD – Another Stride Forward in the Quest for Global RPO Play.