Digital Sourcing Strategy and Centralization Reduced Time-to-Hire by 20%

Retail RPO

Digital Sourcing Strategy and Centralization Reduced Time-to-Hire by 20%

A leading retailer needed to remake its application process, which was long and difficult for candidates. PeopleScout implemented a shortened, mobile-first application process and expanded the client’s sourcing strategy.

6,800 annual hires
85 % application conversion rate, up from 35%
20 % reduction in time-to-hire


A leading retailer engaged with PeopleScout to improve their application process. Despite having a well-known and well-loved consumer brand, the retailer relied on job boards to bring in candidates. The client’s application took 30 minutes to complete, and could not be completed on a mobile device, alienating or inconveniencing many job candidates.

The client knew it was losing a large portion of applicants because of its cumbersome application process. To apply, candidates needed access to a computer to fill out a 30-question application that took half an hour to complete—even for part-time positions.

The client engaged with PeopleScout, looking for a partner with technology and candidate experience expertise to remake the entire recruitment process in order to place the candidate at the center.


Expanded Sourcing Strategy

PeopleScout worked with the client to carefully craft an expanded sourcing strategy, including targeted digital recruitment marketing centered on attracting, engaging and converting candidates in online spaces. The strategy was focused on people who have an affinity for the client’s brand but may not be actively looking on job boards. Then, PeopleScout was able to drive those candidates to a quick, easy mobile apply process.

Mobile-first Apply

PeopleScout developed a mobile-first application designed to work easily through a smartphone and reduce candidate fall out. The new application is completed by all candidates, regardless of role.

Shortened Application

The new application includes just 11 questions on one page and takes less than eight minutes to complete. The client worked with PeopleScout to reduce the amount of information asked from candidates during the application stage in order to streamline the process.


Half of Candidates Now Apply on Mobile

Nearly two-thirds (65.9%) of all candidates applying to this client now apply through a mobile device. Before working with PeopleScout, the client was excluding or at the very least inconveniencing a large portion of its talent pipeline.

Application Time Reduced From 30 Minutes to Less Than Eight

Applicants can consistently complete the application in eight minutes or less, with some candidates able to complete it in as little as six minutes.

Application Conversion Rate

The application conversion rate rose to 85% with the new shortened mobile application process. The rate for a traditional application is around 35%.

Broadened Talent Pipeline, Improved Candidate Quality and Shortened Time to Hire

The client no longer relies solely on job boards to build their pipeline and relies on a variety of sourcing strategies. This led to hiring of quality candidates, improving the slate-to-hire to one candidate hired for every 1.3 presented and shortened time-to-hire by more than 20%.


  • COMPANY: Leading retailer
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Affinix
  • ANNUAL HIRES: 6,800