MSP Upgrade Cuts Contingent Worker Hiring Pace by 50% for Food Producer

Contingent Workforce

MSP Upgrade Cuts Contingent Worker Hiring Pace by 50% for Food Producer

PeopleScout helped this food and beverage employer smoothly integrate newly acquired locations while cutting time-to-fill rates nearly in half.

885 Annual assignments
84 Locations supported over three years
50 % Reduction in time-to-fill


This food and beverage employer purchased three distributors in late 2022 and sought PeopleScout’s support with the transition as their managed service provider (MSP). They needed support integrating the new facilities into their vendor management system (VMS)—including manager access, incumbent supplier onboarding, and transitioning temporary workers in accounting and finance, administration, business and professional services as well as industrial and technical roles. The client had also implemented a new policy requiring workers on-site to be vaccinated for COVID-19 which they needed help enforcing with suppliers.

The organization was utilizing an outdated and manual requisition request process, due in part to the fact that many industrial supervisors struggled with technology and spent most of their time on the production floor. This often resulted in missing information or other errors on the requisition requests, which required information gathering from the hiring manager, costing the team valuable recruiting time.


PeopleScout’s MSP team developed a technical solution that effectively integrated the newly acquired facilities, including a workflow that met hiring manager needs to keep the contingent hiring process moving smoothly. To improve access to the client’s VMS, PeopleScout facilitated a transition to a new single sign-on technology. Additionally, the MSP team developed an easy-to-use form to collect all necessary reacquisition information upfront, reducing time-to-fill.

PeopleScout worked with the client to identify and implement several other process improvements. The team developed an onboarding documentation storage process to aid suppliers and expedite audits, as well as a supplier optimization process that removed 17 inactive suppliers. The employer also added supplier town hall meetings to address trends, market issues, changes to the program and more.

The MSP team coordinated with all suppliers to ensure all on-site workers had received the COVID-19 vaccination and collaborated with managers to allow unvaccinated employees to work remotely. PeopleScout also established a new sourcing process to ensure that candidates being placed at corporate locations were up to date on vaccinations.

Finally, PeopleScout began working with the client’s newly acquired facilities two months before the final sale to help make sure the locations were ready and that managers at the new sites were integrated into the organizations systems on the first official day of the transition.


PeopleScout’s updates to the client’s program have eliminated a massive administrative burden on both suppliers and hiring managers. Leaders at the client’s new sites applauded the smooth integration into the new systems. The technology and process improvements led to a 100% compliance score and an overall reduced time-to-fill, with some finance and industrial roles seeing a 50% improvement.

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Food and Beverage Producer and Distributor
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Managed Service Program
  • LOCATIONS: 84 locations across North America
  • About the Client: This global leader produces and distributes some of the world’s most well-known food and beverage products across 19 countries.