PeopleScout Highlighted in HRO Today Article: The Emergence of Total Workforce Solutions

March 29, 2017

PeopleScout is highlighted in the recent HRO Today article The Emergence of Total Workforce Solutions. The article features Taryn Owen, president of PeopleScout, and discusses how leading organizations are seeing the value of managing all of their talent with a single, integrated approach. Total Workforce Solutions merge Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) with Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs into one blended solution to increase visibility into the full spectrum of talent.

When it comes to finding best talent, companies shouldn’t let worker type – full-time or contingent – impact hiring decisions. The article explains, “with 38 percent of the total workforce considered non-employee, 63 percent of organizations are rethinking how the workforce should be addressed, finds Ardent Partners’ 2016-2017 State of Contingent Workforce Management report. Part of that rethinking falls under a total workforce solution in which organizations manage all types of employees through an integrated approach.”

“The foundational components of RPO and MSP programs have traditionally been separated,” explains Owen in the article. “This includes implementation and service delivery teams, program owners, and sometimes end-users and technology platforms. To have a holistic view of your entire talent acquisition landscape, these functions must come together in one integrated program.”

“Managing the contingent workforce through a total workforce solution enables hiring managers to make hires faster, with better quality, and more cost effectively than in a siloed program,” continues Owen. “A consolidated view of the workforce also has the potential to cut redundant hiring volume and lower markup and bill rates.”

The benefits of an integrated approach to talent acquisition are enormous. In the article, Owen outlines three major benefits of Total Workforce Solutions:

Efficiency and Flexibility
“Companies need the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down based on need as well as access to talent from both contingent and full-time candidate pipelines,” says Owen. “As contingent workers become a more integral part of a company’s talent acquisition strategy, working with an MSP to source that talent is a necessity.”

Cost Savings
“Total workforce solutions can drive substantial financial and strategic benefits,” Owen says.”Financial benefits can include cost savings from better workforce utilization, improved demand management, and lower service and vendor management costs than in a previously decentralized program.”

Talent Pipelines and Pools
“With a holistic view of talent, hiring managers have access to larger talent pools,” says Owen. “For example, imagine a qualified candidate who was not chosen for a full-time position because there was an abundance of applicants. With a total workforce solution, the hiring manager would be able to determine if there was a different position for the candidate and move them into the contingent talent pool.”

Read the full article to learn more about the emergence of total workforce solutions.